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Fun Facts About our Beloved Junkfood

Created by tigey

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mixed Food and Drink
Fun Facts About our  Beloved Junkfood game quiz
"The material for this quiz has its source with "Why do Donuts Have Holes?" by Don Voorhees. Copyright 2004. I hope you will find these facts as intriguing as I did."

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1. Which two candies were named after horses (one was a racehorse)?
    Three Muskateers and Pop Rocks
    Saltwater Taffy and Butterfinger
    Snickers and Lollipop
    Divinity and KitKat

2. What candy bars were dropped out of airplanes over US cities as an advertising stunt?
    Hersheys plain and Hersheys with almonds
    Baby Ruth and Butterfinger
    Clark Bar and Pay Day
    Butternut and Almond Joy

3. On the average, it takes how many licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

4. Kids in America eat more candy than adults do.

5. Cotton candy was originally marketed as "Fairy Floss Candy".

6. What is the origin of the fortune cookie in its modern shape (with the paper baked in) that no self-respecting Chinese restaurant would be caught without?
    Los Angeles and San Francisco California, USA
    T'aipei, Taiwan
    Hong Kong, China
    Kyoto, Japan

7. What is the state snack of Utah?
    Blackberry tarts
    Peanut butter and honey
    Lemon drops

8. What was marshmallow originally used for?
    Medicinal Candy
    Decorative use
    Wine making

9. What people invented the corn dog?

10. In what week is the most pizza eaten in the US?
    The Week of Super Bowl Sunday
    The Week of New Year's Eve
    The Week of Halloween
    The Week of the NFL Playoffs

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Compiled Apr 05 14