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Alaskan History 1: Pre-European "Discovery"

Created by chikal98

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Alaskan History 1 PreEuropean Discovery game quiz
"Alaska had a long history before the Russians officially arrived in 1741. Unfortunately, most of recorded history begins at that point. See how much you know about Alaska before it was "discovered"."

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1. Humans may have begun to inhabit Alaska (and North America) by 12,000 BC, possibly earlier. To what racial group did these people probably belong?

2. How did the first human inhabitants of Alaska come to be there (according to most paleontologists)?
    by ancient rafts, canoes, and other boats
    across a now eroded land bridge
    across the ice covered sea in winter
    none of these, human life evolved in North America as it had in Africa and Asia

3. According to one theory, people entering western Alaska were temporarily blocked from spreading further across the Americas because of something scientists now call Wisconsin glaciation. What does this mean in laymen's terms?
    extremely harsh winters
    all of these
    glaciers they met while trying to cross mountain ranges
    ice fields formed by the last ice age

4. The ancestors of modern native Alaskans are often divided into four groups. Which of the following is NOT one of those four?

5. The most populous tribe of the Coastal Indians were the Tlingits. They settled in the region of Alaska that today contains Sitka, Skagway, and the Tongass National Forest? What is this appendage like region of Alaska commonly called?
    the Alaskan Panhandle
    the Seward Peninsula
    South Central Alaska
    the North Slope

6. Mild climates in the South East created living conditions allowing the Coastal Indians time to develop their indigenous arts. One of the most popular of all Alaskan Native sights is an art developed (among others) by ancestors of the modern Tlingits, Haidas, Eyak, and Tsimshians to record history, geneaology, and status of families and clans. What are they?
    ivory or wood carvings

7. The Athabascan Indians, who mainly inhabited the interior regions of Alaska, were semi-nomadic people. What circumstances most directly prompted this lifestyle?
    They had to follow food resources according to seasonal and migratory conditions.
    Their creeds and legends emphasized the nobility of the wanderer.
    The wild variations in temperature forced them to constantly seek habitable conditions.
    They were often driven from their settlements by stronger and more fierce tribes.

8. The Aleut Indians occupied the Aleutian archipelago and became expert sea hunters. One of their marine crafts is now called by its Russian name, "baidarka". It was a long, narrow, low-riding boat designed for the stormy waters of the Bering Sea. If capsized, a skilled crew could right the boat by rolling it through with their bodies and paddles. The baidarka was excellent for hunting the elusive seal, otter, or even whale which fed and clothed the Aleuts. To what class of boat would this belong?
    row boat

9. Many, if not most, Eskimo (Inuk and Yupik) tribes inhabited northern Canada, but some settled in the very north of Alaska. In winter, Inuits who lived on the coast hunted by waiting at natural or man-made holes in the ice for mammals like seals and walrus to come up for air. This method was probably learned by copying which animal?
    polar bear

10. Common ideas about traditional native life in Alaska are often misconceptions. Which of the following popular beliefs about culture and tradition is actually true for at least one group of Alaska native?
    They are healthier and live longer because of their ties to the land.
    They developed many more words in their language for snow than other languages.
    They ate raw whale blubber.
    They lived in igloos.

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