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"One Piece" - "Who said that?"

Created by Ringerguy

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One Piece  Who said that game quiz
"For part 1, I will do quotes. Part 2, names of moves that charecters use. Part 3 will be about who used what move to finish whom."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In volume 13, "Its all Right!", who said, "Don't just wag your tail! Move it!"?
    Ms. Friday to her little dog.
    Ms. Monday to Mr. 13
    Ms. Wednesday to Karoo
    That was never said

2. In volume 5, "For Whom The Bell Tolls", who said "Don't worry little fool. You could never be a pirate like me."?
    Captain Kuro of the thousand plans to Usopp
    Captain Kuro of the thousand plans to Luffy
    Zolo to Luffy
    Django to Zolo

3. In volume 6 "The Oath", Who said "Boy, Speak your name"?
    Mihawk To Luffy
    Chef Zeff to Sanji
    Mihawk to Sanji
    Mihawk to Zolo

4. Who uses the move "Out-of-the-bag"?
    Captain Kuro

5. Who uses the move "Tiger Hunt"?

6. Who uses the move "Pearl Diver"?
    No one

7. What move does Luffy use to defeat Krieg?
    Gum-gum bullet
    Gum-gum bazooka
    Gum-gum-giant gavel
    Gum-gum gatling gun

8. What move does Zolo use to defeat Siam Of the Meowban brothers?
    Tiger Hunt
    It had no name.
    Lion's Song
    Tiger Trap

9. What move did Nami use to finish Ms.Doublefinger?
    Thunder tempo
    Clear tempo
    Fire tempo
    Tornado tempo

10. What move does Luffy use to finish Arlong?
    Gum-gum Bazooka
    It had no name.
    Gum-gum Spear
    Gum-gum Battle Ax

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Compiled Jun 28 12