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Characters of Ken Akamatsu

Created by Gamemaster9999

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Characters of Ken Akamatsu game quiz
"How much do you know about Akamatsu's manga characters? These characters are from "A.I. Love You", "Love Hina", and "Negima"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of these characters can read minds?
    Masayuki Haitani
    Saati Namba
    Nodoka Miyazaki
    Kanako Urashima

2. These characters make appearances every once in a while, but their names are often forgotten.
    Hitoshi and Yayoi
    Asuna and Konoka
    Shirai and Haitani
    Toni and Forty

3. This character was, at one point, confused with a "Final Fantasy" villain.
    Forty Namba
    Kotaro Inugami
    Spider Zero

4. This character is somewhat of a clone of one of the main characters.

5. This character is sometimes associated with an animal.
    Toni Namba
    Fei Ku
    None of these
    Shinobu Maehara

6. This character was mostly in the manga's anime version, but made one appearance at the end of the series.
    Kotaro Inugami
    Kentaro Sakata

7. This character is also only in the "Love Hina" anime. Keitaro worked for him in one episode, and he lent his boat to the girls in the Spring Break Special.
    Mr. Maehara
    None of these

8. This character is a dork and extremely unlucky. However, his luck changes when it comes to stripping his girlfriend.
    Keitaro Urashima
    Ken Akamatsu
    Negi Springfield
    Hitoshi Kobe

9. This character is seemingly invincible, until he breaks his leg, thanks to a giant onion.
    Hitoshi Kobe
    Keitaro Urashima
    Takamichi Takahata
    Dean Konoe

10. This character blows clothes off when he sneezes.
    Keitaro Urashima
    Negi Springfield
    Hitoshi Kobe

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Compiled Jun 28 12