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The Life and Works of Flannery O'Connor

Created by trident

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The Life and Works of Flannery OConnor game quiz
"Flannery O'Connor was a wonderful writer of the twentieth century. Her works are among the most discussed in the literary world, due to her masterful ability to create characters that help the reader grow intellectually and spiritually."

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1. One of the most famous American writers of her time, Flannery O'Connor authored several works including novels, short story collections, and essays. Since she was born, grew up, and lived in the Southern United States, her work often reflected a certain style of writing, similar to that of William Faulkner and Tennessee Williams. What style was it?
    Southern Gothic

2. O'Connor's religion played a large part in her writing. Although she was careful not to blatantly preach (something she deplored), her works often taught morals. Which religion was she?
    Roman Catholic

3. O'Connor was a proponent of New Criticism, a movement which shared several important ideas with old historicism. As such, which of the following beliefs did she hold?
    All of these.
    One must look at only the work itself, not the author's biography.
    A literary work comes from the "genius" of the author and is above politics.
    No discussion of the author's intentions should take place.

4. As a young girl, Mary Flannery O'Connor (her full name) had starred in a short news clip for teaching a rooster to walk backward.

5. O'Connor's best known novel is about a character named Hazel Motes who tries to start up a new church. After being deceived and going through several other trials, he blinds himself with lime and wanders off and dies. What 1952 novel is this?
    East of Eden
    The Sound and Fury
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Wise Blood

6. O'Connor's characters were often imperfect and flawed, almost tragically so. They showed characteristics that made the reader feel pity and revulsion at the same time. What is the term for these types of characters?

7. Her most famous short story collection, "A Good Man is Hard to Find", has her most famous story of the same name. In the story, we follow a family going on vacation in the South. They have a car accident and are discovered by which infamous character?
    The Golem
    The Grim Reaper
    The Misfit
    The Oddball

8. Of the following short stories, which was NOT written by Flannery O'Connor?
    The Life You Save May Be Your Own
    Good Country People
    Hills Like White Elephants
    Everything That Rises Must Converge

9. Flannery O'Connor died at the age of thirty-nine after suffering for nearly thirteen years of an autoimmune disease her father had also suffered. What disease eventually took her life?

10. The Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction was established in 1983, by the University of Georgia Press for outstanding short story collections or novellas. Only two of the prestigious awards are given out each year. On October 27, 2005, which author had his/her award revoked for suspected plagiarism in the book "The Bear Bryant Funeral Train"?
    Justin Tussing
    Dana Sachs
    Nora Pierce
    Brad Vice

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