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The Modern Dragons

Created by angryllama

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The Modern Dragons game quiz
"Did dragons really exist and spit fire and fight knights? Maybe. But there are modern dragons whose bite can kill you. They are Komodo dragons."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the only country that Komodo dragons inhabit?
    Papua New Guinea
    Hong Kong

2. Where do Komodo dragons like to live?
    In dug out nests
    In hollow logs, empty crates and any other hollow, forest debris they can find
    In nests made of branches
    In burrows

3. Where do baby Komodo dragons spend most of their time?
    In their burrows
    In water
    In trees
    With their mothers

4. Why is a Komodo dragon bite especially dangerous?
    Even if you survive, there is poison and dangerous bacteria in a Komodo dragon's saliva
    Even if you survive, special scents left in the wound after a bite would attract more Komodo dragons
    Even if you survive, strong acids are not neutralised in a Komodo dragon's mouth which would poison you
    There is venom in their breath

5. Komodo dragons utilize parthenogenesis to help them survive. What is parthenogenesis?
    Using dead prey as bait to attract other prey, including other Komodo dragons.
    Hunting, killing and eating humans
    Fertilizing eggs without the presence of a male
    Being able to change gender in a same-sex environment

6. Which lizard group do Komodo dragons belong to?
    Neotropical Ground Lizards
    Untrue Crocodilians
    Spectacled Lizards

7. The population of Komodo Dragons on the island of Padar was nearly eliminated by what?
    Volcanic Eruption

8. What is a Komodo dragon's best sense?

9. What is the IUCN Red List conservation status of the Komodo dragon?
    Least Concern
    Critically Endangered

10. What is the term for the Komodo dragon on the island of Komodo where they live?

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Compiled Jun 28 12