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The 1974 Super Tornado Outbreak

Created by Oddball

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The 1974 Super Tornado Outbreak game quiz
"Experts say it could only happen once every 500 years, but on April 3-4, 1974, everything came together to create one of the worst tornado outbreaks in U.S, history. Here's a look at what happened and what was learned."

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1. In all, how many twisters descended from the skies in the Super Outbreak?

2. Taking all the individual paths the tornadoes took, how far did the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimate the combined path extended?
    850 mi (1,368 km)
    200 mi (322 km)
    375 mi (604 km)
    2,600 mi (4,185 km)

3. Many of the twisters formed one after another in succession from the same individual thunderstorm cells. What are these known as?

4. About how many people died in the Super Outbreak?
    Over 100
    Under 50
    Over 300
    Over 80

5. Of the four listed towns hit by tornadoes during the Super Outbreak, which one had the greatest loss of life?
    Brandenburg, Kentucky
    Xenia, Ohio
    Guin, Alabama
    Monticello, Indiana

6. There were six confirmed F-5 tornadoes (the most destructive in the Fujita scale) during the Super Outbreak. One such twister, known as the Sayler Park tornado, did something not done since the infamous Tri-State killer storm of 1925. What did this storm do?
    Go through three states
    Claim more than 200 lives in a single town
    Hit more than five separate communities
    Cross the Mississippi River intact

7. At one point during the Super Outbreak, weather forecasters in Indiana, swamped with numerous tornado sightings, did something that had not been done before. What was it?
    Issued a message saying 'You're on your own'.
    Issued a warning for their own building
    Vacated the Weather Service office
    Issued a tornado warning for the entire state

8. Which Alabama town was hit twice during the Super Outbreak?

9. A number of tornado myths were brought into question following the Super Outbreak. One was that a tornado will not form at the convergence of major rivers. Was that myth busted?

10. Another myth about tornadoes is that they don't climb up or down steep hills. Was that myth busted during the Super Outbreak?

11. One area of the Super Outbreak that building engineers were able to focus on was the amount of damage certain structures received in the storms. What type of building seemed to get most of the attention from the twisters?
    Mobile homes
    Apartment complexes
    Shopping centers

12. The one lone Canadian tornado in the Super Outbreak struck near what city?

13. One major outcome of the Super Outbreak was the rapid expansion of what service?
    Teletype machines
    Weather radio stations
    Storm spotter tours
    Camera/video clubs

14. What was one of the biggest discoveries about tornadoes from the Super Outbreak?
    The existence of the 'suction vortex'
    What low pressure does to arthritic patients
    How birds and insects act as forecasters
    How tornado suction could be applied to vacuum cleaners

15. One miraculous event in the Super Outbreak prompted the National Weather Service to issue a tornado warning for Louiville, Kentucky nearly 40 minutes before the storm hit the town. How was that achieved?
    The forecaster's dog began barking
    A technician misread a 'glitch' on a radar readout
    The chief forecaster saw the tornado while being interviewed
    Someone saw an old woman fly by on a bike

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