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Heartworm Disease

Created by drdawg

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Heartworm Disease game quiz
"Learn about the importance of heartworms in pets."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the proper name of heartworms?
    Cardiac filaria
    Dirofilaria immitis
    Filaria Canis immitis
    Cardiac Filaria dimities

2. Heartworms can be prevented.

3. Heartworm disease can affect which species?
    all of these

4. How do pets get heartworms?
    tick bite
    mosquito bite
    other dogs or cats by direct contact
    lakes or rivers

5. Heartworm disease affects which organs?
    all of these

6. What is the test for heartworms?
    there is no test for heartworms
    fecal test
    blood test
    urine test

7. What is usually the first sign of heartworms?
    enlarged abdomen
    see the worm segments in the stool
    lethargy and breathing difficulties
    dull hair coat

8. There is annjection to prevent heartworms.

9. If a dog is given a blood transfusion from a dog that has heartworms, the dog that gets the blood will also contract heartworms.

10. How important is it to give your dog monthly preventative medication for heartworm?
    very important in certain parts of the USA
    only needs it twice a year
    not very important
    not needed at all

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Compiled Dec 05 12