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Bacon and Pork Belly

Created by trojan11

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Bacon and Pork Belly game quiz
"Bacon is delicious to many, as is belly of pork. But is it good for you - or should it be a no-no food? 10 multiple choice questions on bacon and pork belly. No spelling and no fill in the answer questions."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. It is well known that omega-3 fatty acids can be beneficial for the upkeep of a healthy heart. Fish, like Tuna, abound with omega-3. Does any pig in existence have, naturally, the omega-3 fatty acids?
    Only if fed omega-3 from birth
    Pigs do not have omega-3 acids
    Omega-3 occurs naturally in only one type of pig.
    37% of pigs have this fatty acid.

2. Bacon is now recognised as a lean meat.

3. Bacon contains which of the following?
Iron: zinc: selenium: copper.
    Iron only
    Iron and zinc
    None of them
    All of them

4. What is the correct term for a side of cured and salted pork?
    Side belly
    Half side
    Full quarter

5. Which part of the pig is generally turned into bacon in the USA?
    Front right side
    The underside
    Both sides
    Rear end

6. Pork bellies have been traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for a good many years now. What year did this trading begin?

7. What part of the pig does Gammon come from?
    The front leg
    The hind leg
    The shoulder
    The loin

8. To what part of the pig does Canadian bacon refer?
    Cottage bacon
    Collar bacon
    Back bacon
    Picnic bacon

9. Not every nation has the same culinary habits. What do Hungarians do with bacon fat?
    Give it to farm animals
    Strain the fat away and dispose of it
    Eat it
    Use it later for stews

10. Precooked bacon is very popular in North America. It may safely be stored after purchase at room temperature or below because it contains which of the following?
    High concentration of brine and low level water activity
    Additional Vitamins
    Pathogenic organisms
    Soya protein

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Compiled Jun 28 12