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The Mighty Moose

Created by Cher40

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Artiodactyls- Deer, Antelopes, Pigs etc.
The Mighty Moose game quiz
"The largest member of the deer family, the moose has delighted and intrigued inhabitants of northern regions for hundreds of years. How much do you know of this impressive creature? "

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In North America, the largest member of the deer family (Alces alces) is called the moose. In Europe, what is Alces alces sometimes called?

2. Moose (Alces alces) are the largest member of the deer family, Family Cervidae, but which of the following are in the same genus, Alces, with the moose?
    Chinese water deer
    Hog deer
    Caribou & reindeer

3. In what country would we be least likely to find moose?
    United States

4. The moose boasts one of the fastest growing individual organs of any animal on earth. What organ is it?
    Bell sac

5. What will happen to the antlers of a bull moose who becomes castrated?
    His current antlers are shed and a permanent deformed set will grow
    His current antler will be shed after mating as usual, but will never re-grow
    His antlers will remain exactly as they are indefinitely, neither growing nor shedding
    His antlers will continue to grow in size but will never harden

6. Male moose have a characteristic sac called a bell. From where does the sac hang?
    At the base of its tail
    Off the tip of its nose
    Between its antlers
    From its neck

7. With what substance is the bell scented?
    Urine-soaked mud
    Saliva or moose drool
    Moss and decaying plant material
    Testosterone and moose oil

8. In what part of the world are the largest moose found?

9. What is the mating season of moose often called?
    The rut

10. What noise do moose most often make?
    High, shrill whistles
    Gentle cooing and whispers
    Moose are incapable of vocalizations
    Low-pitched grunts and barks

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Compiled Jun 28 12