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Baseball Challenged?

Created by Nightmare

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Baseball Challenged game quiz
"An all multiple choice quiz that will sincerely challenge baseball fans of all ages. If you can pull a score of five, you are blessed! Want the challenge? I hope that you enjoy it! :-)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which shortstop was the first to steal 100 bases in a season?
    Rickey Henderson
    Maury Wills
    Ty Cobb
    Lou Brock

2. This pitcher's career lasted only seven seasons. In his first six, he led his league with the most wins. After five pitching titles, he changed leagues and joined a brand new team. He led that league in wins also before retiring the following season. Who is this Hall of Fame pitcher?
    Cy Young
    Charley Radbourn
    Sandy Koufax
    Al Spalding

3. Which of the following statements is correct?
    Tommy Brown hit a Major League home run at 17 years of age which set a record
    Satchel Paige was Major League's first African-American pitcher
    Cy Young once lost 34 games in a season
    46-year old Joe Niekro won his 300th game via shutout in 1986

4. Who was the first pitcher in baseball history in any professional league to throw 500 strikeouts in a season?
    Nolan Ryan
    Nobody has ever done this
    Matt Kilroy
    Cy Young

5. Babe Ruth's Major League career began with the Boston Red Sox in 1914, but the Red Sox weren't the first team that was offered Ruth from his Minor League contract. Which owner and team was first offered Ruth from the Minor Leagues to play in the Major Leagues, but turned the offer down?
    Connie Mack: Philadelphia Athletics
    Fred Mitchell: Chicago Cubs
    John McGraw: New York Giants
    Clark Griffith: Washington Senators

6. Who was the first pitcher in history to throw a perfect game on the road?
    Charlie Robertson
    Cy Young
    Monty Ward
    Addie Joss

7. The batting Triple Crown is a truly historical feat. One player fell short by one home run to win the Triple Crown, and lost it because the league home run title went to his teammate in the season. Who was this hard luck player that missed out?
    Rabbit Maranville
    Cy Seymour
    Hank Gowdy
    Roger Bresnahan

8. Which of the following pitchers was so unique, in that he started both games of a doubleheader and lost both games in the process?
    Tracy Stallard
    Mel Stottlemyre
    Camilo Pascual
    Wilbur Wood

9. Which second baseman set a National League record for playing in 123 consecutive games without an error?
    Bobby Richardson
    Bill Mazeroski
    Rogers Hornsby
    Ryne Sandberg

10. Yankee Joe DiMaggio set a Major League record of hitting safely in 56 consecutive games. Joe also set a Pacific Coast League record with a hitting streak of 61 games in 1933. Cincinnati Red Pete Rose gave DiMaggio a run in 1978, hitting safely in 44 consecutive games, until which team stopped Rose's streak?
    Atlanta Braves
    San Francisco Giants
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    Philadelphia Phillies

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