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Rachel Jackson: Who was Almost First Lady

Created by jj21jj

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Rachel Jackson Who was Almost First Lady game quiz
"I hope you enjoy my quiz on President Andrew Jackson's wife, Rachel. Rachel's life is an interesting, unusual story."

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1. In 1779, Rachel Jackson's father, John Donelson, led a group of pioneers to a western territory. Twelve year old Rachel Jackson (then Donelson) and her family joined her father on the journey. This territory is now a state. Although, John Donelson moved in the fall of 1780, the family moved back in 1786. What current state did John Donelson led the group to?

2. How many brothers and sisters did Rachel have?

3. Who was Rachel's first husband?
    John Murphy
    Peter Rogers
    Matthew Burbon
    Lewis Robards

4. Rachel's first marriage does not work out well because Rachel's husband became too jealous of her. He accused her of flirting too frequently. In late 1790, Rachel, who had previously left her husband, heard that her husband had obtained a divorce in Virginia. Rachel and Andrew Jackson got married in 1791. What state did they get married in?

5. In the early years of Rachel and Andrew's marriage, they learned something important concerning Rachel's first marriage. What did they learn?
    Rachel's husband had been secretly married to another woman as well as her
    Rachel was pregnant with her first husband's child
    The divorce was not granted yet
    The husband had been cheating on her while they were married

6. How many children did Rachel have including adopted children?

7. What gift did Rachel give Andrew that Andrew treasured?
    A miniature portrait of Rachel
    Dishes with the Andrew and Rachel's initials
    A portrait of his parents that had died when he was young
    A love poem that Rachel wrote

8. Rachel was a wonderful hostess to the Jacksons' numerous guests. Rachel and Andrew's home is now a tourist attraction. What is their famous home called?

9. Who did Andrew Jackson kill in a duel after this man made a ill comment toward Rachel?
    Henry Banks
    Charles Dickinson
    Walter Clemens
    James Henricks

10. When did Rachel die?
    During Andrew's first term as president
    The year before Andrew was elected for his first term
    Two weeks before Andrew died
    In between the election when Andrew was elected and his inauguration

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Compiled Jan 01 13