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Players With Halloween Themed Names

Created by Bruce007

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Players With Halloween Themed Names game quiz
"Greetings ghosts and ghouls! This frightening exam will highlight the names of some of the undead's favourite hockey players. Breathe deep and do not fear, for now you must name the spookiest hockey players!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. My goodness, this Minnesota North Star player from the late 1970s sure had a frightening name. In fact, his last name was the very term that spooky Halloween ghosts and ghouls shout to surprise and frighten innocent people. What was this player's name?
    Mike Modano
    Roger Ooh
    Jim Boo
    Yong Ha

2. This Italian goaltender might just come from Lucifer's domain. Sharing the name of Satan's subterranean lair, this skilled goaltender gave hockey players a devil of trouble when he played for Italy during the 2006 Winter Olympics. What was this spooky goaltender's name?
    Guenther Hell
    Luciano Hades
    Reinhard Divis
    Mario Bowser

3. The Prince of Darkness, Lucifer; call the Devil what you desire but this Slovakian NHL player prefers to be referred to in a different way. This demon of a player was drafted a lowly 111th overall by Edmonton in the 1993 NHL draft. Once given the opportunity to play, this player unleashed his fiery dominance of hockey with the Edmonton Oilers, the Buffalo Sabres and the New York Islanders. Who was this devil of a player?
    Andrej Windigo
    Davidov Death
    Miroslav Satan
    Jan "The Grim" Reaper

4. Yay, this early hockey player had been knowneth to create wonderful pictures on pumpkins. Nay, he did not scratcheth, nor did he burneth his pumpkins to create his pictures. This NHL player's name was Joe who?

5. The last name of this NHL player would make a perfect setting for a horrifying Halloween film. It is synonymous with a lifeless wetland, known to contain all sorts of terrors. The NHL player was drafted by the Quebec Nordiques with their 1st round pick during the 1993 NHL draft. He played for Quebec, Colorado, and Los Angeles before calling it quits at the end of the 2002-03 season. Who was this spooky player?
    Eugene Barrenswamp
    Zigmund Palffy
    Heinrich Deathbog
    Adam Deadmarsh

6. When the little trick-or-treaters come around for their free candy, it is not only the decorations that make everything scarier, but the light, or perhaps the lack thereof. This NHL player's career and name was very much like the lighting during trick-or-treating. What was this player's name?
    Steve Shadow
    Mike Dark
    Jim Notbright
    Tony Opbright

7. Horror movies are a big part of the Halloween experience. This NHL player was named after a certain day of the week and a series of horror movies about a 13th day. Who was this hockey player?
    Tim Friday
    Michael Monday
    Tom Thursday
    Samuel Saturday

8. Fire, one of nature's cruelest creations and a Halloween horror movie's dream weapon. The New York Rangers had the privilege of honing the talents of a firey young star before an injury ended his career. This goaltender's name happened to be synonymous with severe fire damage. What was the name of this retired goaltender?
    Mike Dunham
    Dan Blackburn
    Lorne Chabot
    Mike Richter

9. The dreary setting of a dark Halloween can bring out even the most evil of killers. This 2nd overall pick from the 1995 draft, was never attacked in a Halloween film, but he does share his name with a liquid associated with major lacerations. This player's name was Wade who?

10. After carving a Halloween pumpkin, a candle is placed into the base to make it show off the picture and create an eerie orange glow. Sometimes the fire damages the pumpkin, turning parts of it black. The last name of this NHL defenseman happens to be the term for what caused the pumpkin's fire damage. What was this player's name?
    Tobias Scorch
    Brent Burns
    Mike Brown
    Chris Chelios

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