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"South Park" - "Imaginationland"

Created by rj211

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'South Park' - Season 11
South Park  Imaginationland game quiz
"Here's a quick quiz on "Imaginationland", in which the boys first travel to Imaginationland. This episode originally aired on Oct-17-2007. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What mythical creature did Cartman have all the boys organize to help him track and catch in the woods?
    a unicorn
    a dragon
    a leprechaun
    a werewolf

2. Kyle had made a bet with Cartman concerning the mythical creature. If Cartman was lying, he'd have to pay Kyle $10. If the creature was real, though, Kyle's penance would fall into what category?
    household chores
    self mutilation
    oral sex

3. When the Mayor of Imaginationland offered the boys a ride on his "Imagination Flying Machine," Butters had some reservations. What did he ask the Mayor?
    "Paris Hilton isn't on there, is she?"
    "Can you write me a note so I don't get grounded?"
    "Are you gonna rape us?"
    "Do you have any lollipops?"

4. As they flew to Imaginationland, the Mayor sang "The Imagination Song". How many different words were in the song?
    too many to count
    39, according to the last line
    none - it was hummed

5. Were the boys able to warn the denizens of Imaginationland about the terrorist attack in time?

6. What kind of accent did the dragon who flew the boys to safety have?

7. Who was killed in the terrorists' video?
    a Care Bear
    Count Chocula
    a Mogwai
    Little Red Riding Hood

8. The Pentagon brought in some Hollywood filmmakers to help them come up with ideas for stopping the terrorists. Who ended up giving the General a good idea?
    Eli Roth
    Mel Gibson
    Michael Bay
    M. Night Shyamalan

9. Kyle was ordered by the court to make good on his bet with Cartman. When he arrived to do so, who or what was Cartman dressed as?
    Marilyn Monroe
    a sultan
    a lion

10. Was Butters able to stop the terrorists from using Rockety Rocket to blow up the Barrier?

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