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Dragnet: Just the Facts, Ma'am

Created by eauhomme

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Dragnet Just the Facts Maam game quiz
"Okay, first of all, "Just The Facts, Ma'am" never appears in any episode of "Dragnet". However, the radio drama "Dragnet" made such an impact that it spawned the phrase, multiple TV series and movies, and several parodies, and who knows what else?"

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1. Who played the main character of Sergeant Joe Friday?
    Bob Bailey
    George Fenneman
    Barney Phillips
    Jack Webb

2. What police agency did "Dragnet" center around?
    Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    California Highway Patrol
    Los Angeles Police Department

3. What was Sergeant Friday's badge number?

4. Sergeant Friday's first partner died suddenly of a heart attack, as portrayed in the episode "Big Sorrow", aired December 27, 1951. What was his name?
    Bill Gannon
    Frank Smith
    Ben Romero
    Ed Jacobs

5. What Christmas gift was the focal point of "Dragnet's" most controversial episode?
    .22 rifle
    Cross Country Skis

6. Which of these "Dragnet" characters was a real person, as opposed to being a fictitious character?
    Deputy Chief of Police Lynn White
    Chief of Detectives Thad Brown
    All were real
    Chief of Police William H. Parker

7. In the puritan 1950s, which of the following subjects were taboo as subjects in the radio episodes of "Dragnet"?
    Murder of children
    Drug abuse
    None of these

8. What division did Sergeant Friday work in?
    It was never mentioned
    It depended on the episode

9. What one aspect is considered to be the primary difference between the way "Dragnet" portrayed police work versus all the other radio crime dramas at the time.
    The cop not only had to fight the bad guy, but also the city politicians and internal affairs
    The cop was a genius who always managed to get the bad guy in the end
    The cop was seen as a good guy by all, much loved by the city
    The cop was a working man, and police work was sometimes tedious

10. "Dragnet" portrayed police-work on a daily basis, with no explanation of terminology, no attempts to make it easier for the listener. For example, when an "APB" was issued because of a "211", there was no explanation that an "APB" was an "All Points Bulletin" (or what an "All Points Bulletin" was), and a "211" was never defined as a robbery.

What FOX-TV reality show that began airing in 1989 approaches police work in basically the same fashion, showing day-to-day police work with little explanation or narration?
    Answer: (One Word, (4 letters, plural slang for policeman))

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