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The Gig is Up (But the Beat Goes On) - Drummers

Created by doorsfan58

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The Gig is Up But the Beat Goes On  Drummers game quiz
"My tribute to just a few of the legendary timekeepers who are sadly no longer with us. Thanks for playing, please take the time to rate."

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1. Considered by many to be the greatest jazz drummer of all time, this legendary icon passed away on April 2, 1987, from heart failure following surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor.
    Buddy Rich
    Butch Miles
    Buddy Miles
    Buddy Harman

2. This "foxy" rocker replaced Peter Criss behind the skins for "The Hottest Band in the World" in 1980, remaining a popular and important member until his untimely death from cancer on November 21, 1991.
    Eric Harland
    Eric Kalb
    Eric Singer
    Eric Carr

3. With a career spanning almost 40 years, from early Rock n' Roll to Motown to being recognized as the number one studio drummer in Country Music (throw in nine years recording and touring with Elvis!), this legendary session stickman was hailed by Chet Atkins as "The Greatest Drummer in the World" a year before he died on August 24, 1992, due to complications following a heart attack.
    Larry Finn
    Louie Bellson
    Larrie London
    Lou Grassi

4. Nicknamed the "Loon" early in his career because of his distinctive style, lunatic off-stage behavior, and a habit of destroying his drum kit during performances, this extremely talented (if not technical) timekeeper "fiddled about" at a party hosted by Paul McCartney before overdosing on Heminevrin on September 7, 1978.
    Ian Paice
    Keith Moon
    Bill Ward
    Nigel Olsson

5. Fusion jazz drummer and pioneer Tony Williams, rightly recognized as one of the most influential jazz musicians to emerge from the 60's, died on February 23, 1997. What was his death due to?
    Interstitial Lung Disease (a chronic lung disorder)
    A fishing boat accident near Key Biscayne, FL.
    A heart attack following gall bladder surgery.
    Complications from an undiagnosed blood infection.

6. Born Colin Flooks in 1947, this hard-rockin' heavyweight, known for his over-sized sticks and powerhouse sound, was a full member in a number of prestigious bands, including The Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and ELP, previous to his premature death in an automobile accident on April 5, 1998.
    Cozy Cole
    Earl Palmer
    Carl Palmer
    Cozy Powell

7. Although he began his career as a teen backing R&B/Rock n' Roll acts such as Bo Diddley and Amos Milburn, this "Timeless All-Star" evolved into one of the most recorded jazz drummers in history, jamming with Thelonious Monk, Art Pepper, Sonny Clark, and Milt Jackson (to name just a few) prior to his death at 64 after a long battle with liver disease.
    Billy Kilson
    Billy Higgins
    Billy Martin
    Billy Ashbaugh

8. A co-founding member of Toto and one of the industry's most sought-after session drummers, Jeff Porcaro laid down the beat on albums for Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Madonna, and hundreds of others, before suffering a fatal heart attack on August 5, 1992, which was the result of an allergic reaction to what?
    Post-surgery pain medication
    A spider bite
    A pesticide
    A soy protein shake

9. Unjustly criticized at times for what was perceived as a "heavy-handed" drum technique, this original member of one of Rock's first supergroups, famous for his lengthy "Moby Dick" solos, improvised fills, and thunderous back-beats, passed away on September 25, 1980 from alcohol-induced asphyxia.
    John Blackwell
    John Bonham
    Joey Baron
    Jason Bittner

10. We started with an icon, so let's end with one. Known as "the father of the modern drumset" and for his friendly on-stage drum battles with Buddy Rich, this legendary master could add being the first to showcase the drums as a solo instrument and the single-handed success of the Slingerland drum company to his legacy, before passing on October 16, 1973.
    Gene Lake
    Gene Krupa
    Gene Jackson
    Gene Klein

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