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Construction Basics

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Construction Basics game quiz
"These are some very basic question about the construction field."

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1. How thick is a number 12 piece of rebar?
    1 1/2"

2. What is a nail with a double head called?
    Duplex nail
    There is no such type of nail
    Double head nail
    Double sinker nail

3. If I have a pad that is 12 feet long and 20 feet wide and is 7 inches thick how many cubic yards of concrete will I need?
    62.22 cubic yards
    15.556 cubic yards
    6.222 cubic yards
    5.185 cubic yards

4. What is the actual size of a 2 x 4?
    2" x 4"
    1 1/2" x 3 1/2"
    2 1/2" x 4 1/2"
    1" x 3"

5. What are the structural part of stairs called?

6. What would the width be of a window that is a 4-0 X 6-0?
    Six feet
    Four feet
    Ten feet
    There is not enough information to answer this question.

7. How is insulation rated or measured?
    R Value
    X Value
    F Value
    C Value

8. On a set of electrical plans what would a triangle represent?

9. What is the stud called that is placed under a header to support it?
    Cripple Stud
    King Stud
    Trimmer Stud
    Common Stud

10. On a set of plans if they call for something to be 16oc, what does the oc stand for?
    Answer: (Two Words)

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Compiled Mar 16 13