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Doing things yourself in house and garden is not only a great way to save money but also highly satisfying since you will have every day to enjoy your creation. If you have a green thumb or know how to hold a tool, you have come to the right category!
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1 Lost Arts 2- Milking
There are many things our forefathers knew that we are beginning to rediscover and enjoy. Can you imagine getting your own milk in the morning?
10 Q
May 08 02
6690 plays
2 Death in the Fish Tank - A Whatdunnit
Some familiar-sounding sleuths are about to investigate the mysterious deaths that can occur in tropical fish tanks. This quiz may help budding enthusiasts to solve or prevent common cases of aquarium "fishicide".
10 Q
Aug 22 11
1953 plays
3 Lost Arts 3 - Natural Dyeing
Our ancestors did not use synthetic dyes to color their possessions, only colors derived from plants, animals and minerals. While rarely-seen today, these dyes are still available- and beautiful!
10 Q
Dec 13 04
900 plays
4 Inside My Toolshed
Some tools have specific uses, whilst some can be used for a variety of jobs. Can you identify these tools?
10 Q
Aug 30 14
951 plays
5 And Then There Were Doorknobs
Please help the Revenge of the Llamas clean up. Their paddock is dirty and some things aren't working well. But they're an old-fashioned bunch so traditional methods only!
10 Q
Nov 02 11
1275 plays
6 Grandpa's Tool Shed
Yesterday, I decided to explore my Grandfather's tool shed. Here are just some of the hand tools that I found. American spelling and terms used throughout this quiz.
10 Q
Oct 25 14
1365 plays
7 Mary, Mary How Does Your Garden Grow?
"Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?" This is a mixed quiz using my own unique twist to a very common rhyme. Enjoy.
10 Q
Feb 19 11
630 plays
8 Gardener's Challenge
This quiz should prove an interesting challenge to the serious gardener in the United States, and may prove to be interesting to others as well. Have fun!
15 Q
Aug 13 04
4359 plays
9 I Saw It On The Grass
Have you ever been stretched out on the lawn and noticed all of the different things that are in the grass? Have a closer look and you'll be surprised at what you will see! (Much of this quiz is North America specific)
10 Q
Apr 19 09
4290 plays
10 Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?
This creamy creation of egg yolks, oil, salt, lemon juice and mustard is not just for sandwiches alone! Do you know some of these uses of mayonnaise?
10 Q
Jul 02 14
510 plays
11 Old House Renovation, part 2
If you decide to renovate an old house, you will probably run into many of these terms. A few are still used in modern construction. Choose from multiple-choice answers. Some of the questions in this quiz are oriented to Americans.
10 Q
Oct 19 03
3018 plays
12 Trimming the Hedge--A Quiz About Topiary
Here's a short quiz about the art of training trees and vines into decorative shapes. So grab your pruning shears and let's get clipping!
10 Q
May 23 07
1047 plays
13 Old House Renovation, part 1
If you decide to renovate an old house, you will probably run into many of these terms. A few are still used in modern construction. Choose from the multiple-choice answers for these 10 questions about old-house terms the one you think is correct.
10 Q
Nov 11 00
4770 plays
14 The Quest for the White Flower
Titania's sister has a headache and suffers from quiz-writing stress. Follow Titania on her quest to find the white flower that will help her sister. Good luck!
10 Q
May 22 14
387 plays
15 Salt: The True Story
I was watching the History Channel the other day and they had an entire show on salt. I found it very interesting, so I thought I would test your knowledge. Good Luck!
10 Q
Feb 10 06
2712 plays
16 How are They Meant to be Used?
The tools and bits of equipment in this quiz are often found in homes and gardens. Each one has a correct usage although it could be used in all kinds of ways. How are these items meant to be used?
10 Q
Jul 27 10
1980 plays
17 Lost Arts 1-Soapmaking
There are many things our forefathers knew that we are beginning to rediscover and enjoy. The ancient art of soapmaking is just one of these. Learn how to make soap!
10 Q
May 02 02
1341 plays
18 Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Shows in the UK
Welcome to my first quiz which I hope inspires you to visit an RHS Show!
10 Q
Jun 14 07
534 plays
19 Light My Fire!
An illuminating history of matches.
10 Q
Mar 04 11
870 plays
20 Beautiful, Beautiful Farm Implements
This quiz is an Author Challenge from Kyleisalive. I worked on farms for seven years when I was a teenager. I have much experience with many "beautiful farm implements". So put on your rubber boots and let's go farming!
10 Q
Feb 07 11
645 plays
21 The Potato: An Owner's Manual
The culinary and nutritional value of the potato is widely known. But what do you do if you have a variety of other problems around the house and you have only one potato? Here's an Instructional Guide (no potato wearing, carrying, or burying required):
10 Q
May 10 14
351 plays
22 Soap
Soap is wonderful stuff. How much do you know about this product that you use every day? Warning: Do not attempt to make your own soap unless you have safety training. Lye causes serious burns!
10 Q
Jan 29 11
360 plays
23 Household Tricks
Helpful hints and household shortcuts
10 Q
Jun 14 10
1419 plays
24 Home Economics for the Domestically Challenged
I am domestically challenged, so I've decided to make a quiz on something I don't know anything about- housework! Learn this mysterious science along with me.
10 Q
Aug 21 03
14010 plays
25 Log Homes
Homes made of logs may seem old-fashioned, but today they are examples of stunning natural architecture. Questions are on practices in the United States.
10 Q
Dec 21 05
570 plays
26 Gardeners' Whirl
Here is a quiz ideal for anyone keen on gardening!
10 Q
Feb 26 07
2118 plays
27 Mary Mary, How Does Your Garden Grow?
There are several ways that flowers grow. Perennials grow back every year. Annuals usually need to be replanted every year. Bulbs store the energy for the plant to grow the next year. And corms and tubers that are similar to bulbs but solid inside.
10 Q
May 15 07
2130 plays
28 Sears, Roebuck and Co.1909 catalog
Interesting finds and tidbits from the venerable mail order catalog, 1909 Fall edition.
10 Q
Apr 14 13
447 plays
29 Tree-Mendous Trivia
Fun facts & myths related to trees commonly found in England
10 Q
Sep 29 09
384 plays
30 One, Two, Tree
This quiz is about trees you might find in a temperate garden or home orchard. See if you can work out what the tree is from the clues given.
10 Q
Dec 01 12
480 plays
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