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Where did that band get that name?

Created by shanteyman

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Where did that band get that name game quiz
"There are some rumors about how bands got their names. Let's set the record straight"

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1. How did the BeeGees arrive at their name?
    A suggestion from their family.
    From their initials.
    From the names of friends.
    A suggestion by their manager.

2. A sewing machine was the inspiration for naming which heavy metal band?
    Tommy Tutone
    Bachman Turner Overdrive
    Blue Cheer

3. Which band got their name from the neighborhood where they all came from?
    Cannibal and the Headhunters
    Village People
    Iron Maiden

4. Which group named themselves after a bowling alley?
    The Four Seasons
    The SOS Band
    The Shondells

5. Which band selected their name from their economic status?
    The Association
    Mothers of Invention
    Beau Brummels
    Dire straits

6. Buffalo Springfield was an early prototype of a supergroup. How did they arrive at their name?
    From the names of the home towns of two members.
    From a piece of road construction equipment.
    From the Springfield model buffalo rifle.
    From the name of the streets where their studio was.

7. Movies provided inspiration for a lot of band names. Which band got its name from a 1972 movie starring Jeff Bridges?
    The Searchers
    Earth Wind and Fire
    Blue Oyster Cult
    Bad Company

8. Which folk band derived their name from a nineteenth century musical ensemble?
    REO Speedwagon
    The O'Jays
    The New Christy Minstrels
    Paper Lace

9. Which band got the inspiration for its name from a science fiction movie?
    Procol Harum
    Question Mark and the Mysterians
    Spandau Ballet

10. Which band derived its name from a popular song?
    Blood, Sweat and Tears
    The Kingston Trio
    Deep Purple
    Gary Lewis and the Playboys

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Compiled Jun 28 12