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The "Twilight" Saga

Created by GinnyHarry

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The Twilight Saga game quiz
"Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight Saga" is my favorite series ever. It's about a vampire and a human, falling in love. If you haven't read the series you totally should and this quiz might contain SPOILERS."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Where did Bella Swan first see Edward Cullen in "Twilight"?
    The cafeteria
    The office
    The parking lot

2. When Bella first sat with Edward at lunch and he had asked about her theories on who she thought he was, which two superheroes' secret identities was Bella thinking about?
    Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker
    Dick Grayson and Clarke Kent
    Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson

3. In "Twilight", after this quote from Bella, "And you'll make it look like that's a ruse, obviously. He'll know that we'll know that he's listening. He'll never believe I'm actually going where I say I am going," what did Emmett say?
    "She's diabolical."
    "Fat chance."
    "That's brilliant."

4. Where did Bella, Jasper, and Alice go after they separated from the other Cullens in "Twilight"?
    New York, New York
    Forks, Washington
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Juneau, Alaska

5. At Bella's birthday party hosted by the Cullens in "New Moon", what almost fatal event occurred?
    Bella had a paper cut; Jasper went wild and tried to attack her
    Bella fell off the stairs and down two floors
    Rosalie dropped the chandelier almost on Bella
    Edward accidentally ran over Emmett

6. In "New Moon", Edward said he was tracking Victoria; what state did he say he followed her to before taking a false lead down to Brazil?
    New Mexico

7. Edward asked Bella to marry him at the end of the second book, "New Moon".

8. Where did Edward and Bella go over the weekend when Victoria was in town in "Eclipse"?
    Forks, Washington
    Jacksonville, Florida
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Washington D.C.

9. In "Eclipse", what did Edward promise to do to Jacob if he ever kissed Bella again without her permission?
    Kill Jacob
    Stop speaking to Jacob
    Forbid Jacob from seeing Bella again
    Break Jacob's face

10. In the end of "Eclipse", Edward sent Jacob a wedding invitation without Bella's knowledge.

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