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Riddles from a Raddled Rambler

Created by highfells

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Riddles
Riddles from a Raddled Rambler game quiz
"A miscellany of rhyming riddles to stimulate your synapses; and all the product of my (r)addled (r)ambling brain!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Screaming, soaring, seeking sky,
Flowers of fire flying high,
Eastern art from ancient time,
Name me now and solve the rhyme.
    Answer: (One Word: 8 or 9 letters)

2. Two bees in Shakespeare;
One bee flies high;
But if I have six bees
What am I?
    Answer: (One Word: 6 letters)

3. I'm on a board or in a hole;
A low isle in the sea;
Essential, I; and musical;
My own solution's ___.
    Answer: (One Word: 3 letters)

4. My first is in bane but not in foe;
My second in Harry and Malfoy, too;
My third starts a small golden ball, you know;
My fourth isn't we or they or you;
My fifth is in Slytherin but not Gryffindor;
My sixth's in the window but not in the pane;
My seventh's the shape of a snake on the floor
And my last is in ark but not in rain.
My whole is a monster, at Hogwarts fought,
Whose death brought the Dark Lord's plans to naught.
    Answer: (One Word: 8 letters)

5. A spit of land with spit around,
And part of sounding bell,
I lie within my rosy cave
E'en when the truth I tell.
    Answer: (One Word: 6 letters)

6. This is an add-and-drop-a-letter six word sequence riddle. The correct answer is composed of only two of the words in the sequence.

When I started I was small
___ home with parents caring;
Come Halloween I grew and flew to join in all the scaring;
An aspirate to wash me in;
Take apis out, put softly in to make a way for me to tread;
Remove a gas and stroke dog's head;
Throw out a drink - a state remains;
Now answer this (don't strain your brains):
What animal was I, and which parent am I now?
    Answer: (Two Words: 3 letters, 2 letters)

7. A feathered friend to freedom flew,
With fingers five extended,
Now more than one but less than three,
In one small tree it ended.

Each line gives a sequential clue to a key word in a proverb. The correct answer is the list of four key words in order.
    Answer: (Four Words: 4 letters, 4 letters, 3 letters, 4 letters)

8. I cannot see, nor can I feel,
Though I have eyes and skin, too;
I start beneath the ground,
But often finish up within you.
    Answer: (One word: 6 letters)

9. A mile or more beneath your feet
My journey to the light began;
The sunlight now my heart reflects,
Delighting eyes of every man.
Though plain and crusty is my skin,
A glittering treasure lies within.
    Answer: (One Word: 5 letters)

10. My step is slow; the snow's my breath,
I give the ground a grinding death,
My marching makes an end of me,
Slain by the sun or drowned at sea.
    Answer: (One Word: 7 letters)

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Compiled Jun 28 12