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So Long Mr. Chumps

Created by shanteyman

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : The Three Stooges
So Long Mr Chumps game quiz
"Moe, Larry and Curly are at it again."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the Stooges' occupation as the feature begins?
    Street cleaners
    Census takers

2. When a truck exhaust blows Curly's pile of papers around, what does he put in the tailpipe?
    A clump of dirt
    A potato
    A wad of paper
    His hat

3. The boys find some oil bonds on the ground. Who do they belong to?
    B. D. Bye
    B. B. King
    B. O. Davis
    B. O. Smith

4. When the boys find the bond owner, he says he's going to give them a reward for their honesty. What does he give them?
    A banana
    A dog
    A position
    A car

5. What do the boys have to do to get the reward?
    Find an honest man
    Sell Brighto Remedy
    Sell tickets to a ball game
    Sell memberships in a duck hunting club

6. The boys are led by the dog to a weeping girl whose fiancÚ is in jail. What is the fiancÚ's name?
    Jack Pomeroy
    Percy Pomeroy
    Jack Percy
    Gyp the People

7. After several failed attempts to get arrested the Stooges try to save a policeman from a falling light fixture and tackle him. What sentence does the policeman say the boys will get for assaulting an officer?
    Six months
    A year
    Three months
    Thirty days

8. When they land in prison the boys are all wearing striped uniforms. What number does Curly have on his uniform?
    Six and seven-eighths
    Plus four

9. While the boys are breaking rocks, a guard orders them to paint a cell block. Which cell block do they have to paint?
    Cell block number thirteen
    Cell block number nine
    Cell block number six
    Cell block number one

10. At the end of the film they're making good their escape and meet the bond owner again as he's being escorted into jail. What is his real name?
    Lucky Louie
    Lone Shark Louie
    Lone Wolf Louie
    The Lone Wolf

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Compiled Jun 28 12