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Medieval Celebrities

Created by hj1

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Medieval Celebrities game quiz
"After the fun I had with my Tudor celebrities I decided that that stars of the Medieval time were just as sensational and shouldn't be forgotten! This time I've included a couple of stars from the continent also."

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1. I was known as 'The Greatest Knight' of them all. I served several English kings and at one point was regent of England. I was a wealthy magnate receiving most of my Irish and Welsh lands through my marriage.
    Walter Marshall
    John Marshall
    William Marshall
    Gilbert Marshall

2. How turbulent I really was could be open to debate but I certainly was not the most popular Archbishop of Canterbury although my relationship with the King started off well.
    Bishop of Winchester (Henry of Blois)
    Bishop Anselm
    Thomas Becket
    Archbishop Lanfranc

3. I was known as the 'Maid of Orleans' although the English probably had a few more choice names for me. The apparent voices I heard encouraged me to great things before I met a nasty end burnt at the stake.
    Joan of Jerusalem
    Joan of Acre
    Joan of Kent
    Joan of Arc

4. I was once Guardian of Scotland and legend has it that after suffering a resounding defeat at the hands of the English I watched a spider endeavour to spin its web which then spurred me to victory.
    Alexander III
    Robert the Bruce

5. I'm famous for some tales from Canterbury, but what is less known is that I was distantly related to the English royal family through my marriage to Philippa de Roet.
    William Shakespeare
    Geoffrey Chaucer

6. My translation of the 'Recuyell of the Histories of Troye' was the first book printed in the English language. However, I did not stop there and printed around about a further hundred books.
    William Braxton
    Henry Raxton
    Edward Caxtin
    William Caxton

7. One could say I was the epitome of Renaissance Man. The saying 'jack-of-all- trades, master of none' did not apply to me as I excelled in whatever I did whether it was science, mathematics or the arts.
    Sandro Boticelli
    Raphael Sanzio
    Leonardo da Vinci

8. I was a Portuguese explorer. With the help of the Spanish king I began the first attempt to circumnavigate the globe. Unfortunately, I did not make it as a little disagreement with some chiefs in the Philippines resulted in my death.
    Ferdinand Magellan
    Christopher Columbus
    Marco Polo
    James Cook

9. My nickname was the Kingmaker, and I had a huge influence in The Wars of The Roses - at least I did until I met my end in one of those battles.
    Richard Neville
    Lord Rivers
    George Duke of Clarence
    Richard Duke of Gloucester

10. I led the 'revolting peasants' in an poll tax rebellion. However, after upsetting the King I met a grisly end at Smithfield.
    John Ball
    Wat Tyler
    Sir William Walworth
    Simon Sudbury

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