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Irish Sayings

Created by 1916

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Irish Slang and Dialect
Irish Sayings game quiz
"These sayings can be heard and understood throughout Ireland. Do you know what they mean? "

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. If you heard the term "a right headcase" what would it mean?
    Someone who goes over the top in a good or a bad manner
    A storage container for headphones
    A very nice helmet.
    A teacher/professor

2. If someone told you "Not a child in the house washed" what would they mean?
    The water supply is off.
    Everyone's dirty.
    They are very poor.
    I'm late/behind with housework.

3. If you overheard someone saying "Thick as two planks" what did they mean?
    Good friends

4. If someone asks you "What's the crack?" what are they referring to?
    What's the big hole in the wall?
    What's that noise?
    What's happening?
    Reference to narcotics.

5. If the statement "It's lashing down" is made, what does it mean?
    Severe punishment.
    Very heavy rain.
    With great speed.
    Verbal abuse.

6. "The head on you and the price of turnips!" In Ireland, what does this mean?
    Something said to a greengrocer.
    Something said to person that is not looking their best/often hung-over.
    Something said to a farmer.
    Something said to a person with facial deformity.

7. Widely used in Ireland is the quote "Some langer" but what is it referring to?
    A large plot of land.
    Offering an alcoholic drink to someone.
    Someone foolish.
    Reference to a tall person.

8. If you are told to "Cop on" in Ireland, what are you being asked to do?
    Come to your senses.
    Hurry up.
    Get up.
    Game on.

9. "Begrugger" What is this a common reference to?
    A bank loan.
    A person begging.
    A person who is envious.
    Heavy farm machinery.

10. "Tis only massive". What does this popular Co.Cork phrase mean?
    It's really big.
    It's very tall.
    It's very ugly.
    It's great/brilliant.

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Compiled Jun 28 12