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"Grand Theft Auto IV" for the Xbox 360

Created by neon000

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Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360 game quiz
"This game by Rockstar was an immediate hit with fans. It was set in an elaborate metropolis modeled on New York City. (Warning: spoilers.) Welcome to the game's world."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who is the main character of the game?
    Francis McReary
    Niko Bellic
    Ray Boccino
    Dwayne Forge

2. In the mission "Concrete Jungle", what character do you meet in order to help him with some business transactions?
    Little Tony
    Little Hank
    Little Fred
    Little Jacob

3. What section of the city was patterned after the New York borough of Manhattan?

4. Which of the following can the player use in the game?
    Cell phone
    Writing with invisible ink
    Smoke signals
    A telex machine

5. In the mission "Babysitting", what is carried by the character Kim?
    Government papers
    Knockoff sports shirts
    Counterfeit money

6. Which of these practices appears in the game?
    Buying a pet
    Going to the gym
    Going to the library

7. What brand of soda pop appears in machines throughout the game?

8. What happens in the game when you enter a police car?
    You lose a fourth of your health points
    You must arrest at least one person
    You can't get out for at least 60 seconds
    You automatically acquire a shotgun

9. What company do you visit in the mission "Dust Off"?
    Cluckin' Bell
    U. L. Paper
    Steinway Beer Garden
    Burger Shot

10. What hotel do you visit in the mission, "Late Checkout"?
    The Supremo
    The Majestic
    The Herald Sinclair
    The Chariot

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Compiled Jun 28 12