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Israel Potpourri

Created by Shimona

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Israel Potpourri game quiz
"The year 2008 marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel. In honour of her 60th birthday, let's see how much you know about her. There's a lot more to Israel than what you see on the news."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who was Israel's first president?
    Chaim Weizmann
    Ezer Weizmann
    Albert Einstein
    David Ben-Gurion

2. It is not generally known to the Internet community that one of the first and most popular instant messaging programmes was invented by Israelis. Was it:

3. Which of the following was never Prime Minister of Israel?
    Levi Eshkol
    Golda Meir
    Yosef Burg
    Menachem Begin

4. Which of the following was not a Musical Director of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra - IBA?
    Gary Bertini
    Mendi Rodan
    Zubin Mehta
    Lukas Foss

5. Masada, the desert fortress which fell to the Romans in 73 C.E. has become a symbol of Jewish resistance and gave rise to the slogan: "Masada shall not fall again." From 1963-1965, a massive archaeological expedition revealed Masada's secrets to the world. Who led the expedition?
    Yigael Yadin
    Yossi Yadin
    Yigal Allon
    Yigal Amir

6. Who was the recipient of the first Nobel Prize for Literature to be won by a Hebrew author?
    David Grossman
    Chaim Nachman Bialik
    S.Y. Agnon
    Amos Oz

7. When one thinks of Israel, one of the first things that comes to mind is that unique social experiment, the Kibbutz, another Israeli invention, although the first kibbutz was founded many years before Israel became a state. What was the name of the first kibbutz (cooperative settlement)?
    Degania A
    Petach Tikva
    Kfar Etzion

8. At the time of Jerusalem's reunification, the incumbent mayor was Teddy Kollek. By virtue of his long tenure in office, Teddy became almost synonymous in people's minds with Jerusalem. For how long was he mayor?
    28 years
    31 years
    19 years
    40 years

9. Israel's first astronaut was:
    Ilan Barlev
    Haim Ramon
    Ilan Ramon
    Haim Barlev

10. The song "Jerusalem of Gold" is generally considered to be the anthem of the Six Day War, although it was actually written for the Israel Song Festival which took place the month before the war. It was commissioned by Teddy Kollek, then Mayor of Jerusalem. Who wrote it?
    Shuly Nathan
    Rachel Bluwstein-Sela
    Naomi Shemer
    Paul Ben-Haim

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