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Padre Trades

Created by Nolen514

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Padre Trades game quiz
"The Padres have had some really bad trades in their history. See how how much you remember about some of the good and bad deals they have made."

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1. In 1993, Fred McGriff was traded to the Atlanta Braves. Which outfielder was supposed to be the big hitter in this deal?
    Melvin Nieves
    Stan Jefferson
    Derek Bell
    Ruben Rivera

2. Along with Joe Carter, Roberto Alomar was sent to Toronto for Fred McGriff and what infielder in December of 1990?
    Mark Loretta
    Tony Fernandez
    Harold Reynolds
    Kurt Stillwell

3. When Gary Sheffield was traded to the Florida Marlins in 1993, what former shortstop was sent to San Diego?
    Trevor Hoffman
    Pat Listach
    Sterling Hitchcock
    Kurt Stillwell

4. For Ozzie Smith, the Padres received Garry Templeton in December of 1981. Who else did they receive in this deal?
    Sixto Lezcano and Juan Bonilla
    Luis DeLeon and Tim Flannery
    Juan Bonilla and Luis Salazar
    Sixto Lezcano and Luis DeLeon

5. Who did San Diego send to Toronto for Derek Bell in 1993?
    Benito Santiago
    Shawn Green
    Shawn Abner
    Darrin Jackson

6. In 2005, the Padres traded for Adrian Gonzalez and Chris Young. They sent reliever Akinori Otsuka and which starter to Texas in return?
    Joey Hamilton
    Brian Lawrence
    Adam Eaton
    Phil Nevin

7. Kevin McReynolds was traded to the Mets for which infielder-outfielder?
    Dave Magadan
    Kevin Mitchell
    Tim Tuefel
    Eddie Williams

8. Ed Whitson was included in the trade of Dave Winfield to the Yankees in 1980.

9. In 1994, Derek Bell was traded to the Astros in a deal that brought Ken Caminiti and Steve Finley to San Diego. How many total players were a part of this trade.

10. Who did the Padres send to Boston for Josh Bard and Cla Meredith in 2006?
    Adam Hydzu
    Doug Mirabelli
    Ryan Klesko
    Dave Roberts

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