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Scotland the Brains - Scottish Words Quiz

Created by hmacca

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Scottish English
Scotland the Brains  Scottish Words Quiz game quiz
"This is a quiz created by team Scotland the Brains. How well do you know the words used by Scots?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. If someone told you it was a "braw" day, which would it mean?
    The weather is extremely clement today
    It was the first day of the local horse festival
    The weather is cold enough to freeze the horns off a highland cow
    It is the third day of the working week

2. If someone was a "clipe", what unpleasant characteristic would they have?
    Tell tale

3. When in Dundee, if you are told to turn left at the "Circle", what are you looking out for?
    It's a roundabout
    It's a railway turntable, built in the hey day of the Victorian railways
    It's a round hill, also known as the Law
    It's a mall or shopping centre

4. What is "uisge-beatha"?
    An small island east of the Shetlands
    Gaelic for a small farmhouse

5. What would you do with a "syboe"?
    Eat it
    Drink it
    Wear it
    Play it

6. If you were covered in "glaur", what would that mean?
    You were wrapped up in a cosy bed
    Your diamonds are dazzling
    You were extremely muddy
    You were being feted, and wreathed in glory

7. If someone told you that you had been a complete "numpty", would you take it as a compliment?

8. If your dad sent you to fetch his "baffies", what would you be looking for?
    His pyjamas
    His gloves
    His slippers
    His fishing tackle

9. What would be wrong with someone if they were "beelin"?
    They are angry, get out of their way.
    They are hungry, get them a sandwich.
    They are feverish. Get a doctor!
    They are singing out of tune, get yourself some earplugs.

10. If your grandad lost his "wallies" what would you do?
    Find a reputable counsellor who can help him regain his confidence
    Go to your local antique shop and see if they have any china dogs to replace them
    Go to the dentist and get a new set of false teeth
    Go to your shoe shop and get a new set of rubber boots

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Compiled Jun 28 12