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TV's "Mad Men" - The First Season

Created by robbieh

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TVs Mad Men  The First Season game quiz
""Mad Men" earned sixteen Emmy nominations in its first season on the air. In case you haven't yet seen the show, here's an introduction. If you have seen it, you know how good it is. Hope you enjoy the quiz. May contain spoilers."

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1. Donald Draper is the leading "mad" man, handsome, mysterious and intriguing. The show begins in 1960, in Don's New York office, where he is a star. What is Don Draper's profession?
    Advertising executive

2. Draper is married to a lovely young woman named Betty, they have two children, and a big house in the suburbs. Life is perfect. Actually, it isn't. Betty's hands go numb from time to time, so that she can hardly even hold her cigarette. She needs medical attention. What type of doctor does Betty see for her condition?

3. We are soon introduced to Peggy Olson, a young woman on her first day on the job as Draper's secretary. It's an eventful year for Peggy. What happens to Peggy during "Mad Men's" first season?
    All of these
    She gets promoted
    She gets pregnant
    She has an affair with a young man in the office

4. Roger Sterling is Don Draper's boss, who respects Draper and values his friendship. He's a hard drinker and a womanizer. Roger and his partner Bert Cooper are very interested in the candidacy of a certain political figure in an upcoming election, and are ready to offer their services to him. Who is the politician?
    Barry Goldwater
    John F. Kennedy
    Richard Nixon
    Dwight Eisenhower

5. Joan Holloway is Sterling Cooper's office manager, and Peggy's boss. She's a curvy redheaded beauty who knows the ropes and gives Peggy useful advice. Joan is having an affair with one of the "mad men." Which of these is Joan's lover?
    Don Draper
    Roger Sterling
    Pete Campbell
    Bert Cooper

6. Salvatore Romano is a young man working in Draper's firm, the only Italian in the place, one of the fun-loving "mad men". One night, Salvatore goes to dinner with a male client named Elliot, who invites him to his hotel room, clearly interested in romance. What is Salvatore's reaction?
    He politely turns him down
    He punches the client
    He accompanies the client to his hotel
    He laughs in the client's face

7. Peggy has been working hard. In addition to her duties as Don's secretary, she has taken on other tasks as well. She's finally given a promotion, and a shared space in an office of her own. Right then she becomes ill, with severe stomach pains, and is forced to see a doctor. What is the diagnosis?
    She's giving birth
    It's her nerves
    She has an ulcer
    Acid reflux

8. Rachel Mencken is the beautiful and smart daughter of a rich businessman, and she's a client. Don and Rachel get off to a bad start, which they later patch up. There are several snide remarks made by the other young ad men, about Rachel. What's the basis for these remarks?
    She's a Communist
    She's Polish
    She's Jewish
    She's a divorced woman

9. Helen Bishop is an attractive neighbor of the Drapers, a divorcée with two young children. Her nine-year-old son has a crush on Betty Draper and asks Betty for a lock of her hair. Betty obliges. When Helen finds this out she becomes angry with Betty and confronts her in the supermarket. How does Betty react to this confrontation?
    She slaps Helen in the face
    She bursts into laughter
    She bursts into tears
    She completely ignores Helen

10. Don Draper is an impostor. His real name is Dick Whitman, he changed identities with a dead soldier when he was in the Army.

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