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Wolf's Rain

Created by vashtrigunfan

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Wolf's Rain
Wolfs Rain game quiz
"Here's a quiz on one of the best and most depressing animes out there! Warning: Spoilers!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What letter appears on Hige's collar?

2. Where did Tsume get the X shaped scar on his chest?
    Noble guards
    His old pack

3. What is Quent's child's name?

4. When Hige dreams of Paradise, what does he see?
    Running in the snow
    Being accepted by other wolves
    Eating fresh deer

5. What is Cher's excuse for sending Hubb to her house?
    To feed her bird
    To close the windows
    To turn off the lights
    To water the Plants

6. What is the name of the book that tells about how the wolves will open the way to Paradise?
    Red Moon
    The Book of the Moon
    Lunar Flower Guide
    Wolf's Way

7. How did the wolves know where Cheza was sleeping?
    She called to them
    They read "The Book of the Moon"
    The crows told them
    She smelled of Lunar Flowers

8. What is the first thing scientists gave to Cheza that triggered a reaction?
    Lunar flowers
    Wolf's blood
    Moon dust
    Star Light

9. Why does Blue leave Quent?
    She killed a human
    She's half wolf
    She loves Hige
    Quent doesn't want her anymore

10. What is Jagura's deepest desire?
    Lord Darcia
    Wolf's blood
    Her sister's beauty
    To rule Paradise

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Compiled Dec 30 14