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American Boomers in the Early 60s

Created by uglybird

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 1960s Nostalgia
American Boomers in the Early 60s game quiz
"It was the early 60s. Women wore pillbox hats. Men longed for bigger houses and bigger cars. And then there was Camelot ..."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. It was Camelot at the White House in the early 60s. But what sort of jousting was likely to be taking place on the White House lawn?
    Touch football

2. Americans were innocently enjoying the King, Bobby Vinton and Fabian. Then THEY invaded. From which English city did the Beatles originate?

3. The grandchildren of baby boomers may feel that their grandparents are older than dirt. But back in the sixties, which laundry detergent claimed to be "stronger than dirt"?

4. A product begun in the 50s found increasing favor in the early 60s - so much so that in 1964 a "Professional Model" became available. A professional model of which of the following devices was introduced in 1964?
    Comet Cleanser
    Ray-O-Vac battery

5. The year 1963 found Peter O'Toole allied with Omar Sharif nominated for best actor and best supporting actor respectively for their roles in which 1962 film?
    A Lion In Winter
    Lawrence of Arabia
    Doctor Zhivago

6. In 1964, Ford introduced what many considered "a poor man's corvette". What feature did the two cars share?
    Four seats
    Available fourspeed transmission
    Stereo speakers
    Price under $2000

7. If you had taken a minimum wage job in 1960, what would you have been paid?

8. In the early 60s, American presidents largely went by their initials: JFK and LBJ. What did the "F" and "B" stand for respectively?
    Ford and Bradley
    Fred and Bruce
    Fitzgerald and Baines
    Ferguson and Bernard

9. In the early 1960s, a terrifying bald man wanted to bury American children. We saw pictures of him pounding his shoe on a table. Who was this "evil" person?
    Fidel Castro
    Leonid Brezhnev
    Nikita Krushchev
    Joseph Stalin

10. In 1964, about what threat did the Surgeon General of the United States issue his first warning?
    Drinking alcohol
    Smoking cigarettes
    Driving without seat belts

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Compiled Oct 05 14