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The Magician's Nephew

Created by cheer23

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The Magicians Nephew game quiz
"This is a quiz on the first book of the Chronicles of Narnia, "The Magician's Nephew", by C.S. Lewis. Good Luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What do the yellow rings do?
    They bring you to any world.
    They bring you to Narnia.
    They bring you to the Wood Between the Worlds.
    They bring you to Earth.

2. Why did Polly and Digory jump into the pool that took them back to London, instead of exploring the other pools?
    They wanted to make sure that the rings worked, and that they could get home.
    Digory wanted to ask Uncle Andrew where the other pools led.
    Polly wanted to tell her mom where she was going.
    They wanted to get some food for the trip.

3. Why did Digory hit the bell with the hammer in Charn?
    Jadis made him do it.
    He knew that if he didn't, for the rest of his life he would be wondering what would have happened.
    He wanted to impress Polly by acting unafraid.
    He thought that it might heal his mother.

4. How did Jadis destroy all of the living things in Charn?
    She spoke the Deplorable Word.
    She called to Aslan for help.
    She used the magic of her dark sorcery.
    She had a huge war.

5. How did Jadis get to the Wood Between the Worlds?
    She secretly followed Polly and Digory.
    She held onto Polly's hair when she touched the ring.
    She jumped into a magic pool.
    She flew on a flying horse.

6. How did Jadis know that Uncle Andrew was a magician?
    He was wearing the clothes that only magicians wear.
    He showed her the rings.
    He had the Magician's Mark on him.
    He demonstrated to her how to do some spells.

7. Who created Narnia, and how did they do it?
    Digory planted a magic seed.
    Digory and Polly killed Jadis.
    Aslan planted the lamp post.
    Aslan sang to the empty land.

8. How did Digory get to the top of the mountain?
    He climbed.
    Strawberry was turned into a flying horse, and he flew him up there.
    He rode on Aslan's back.
    The elephant offered to give him a ride.

9. How was Digory to protect Narnia?
    He had to fight Jadis.
    He had to plant an apple that would turn into a tree.
    He built a large gate around all of Narnia.
    He created a huge moat surrounding Narnia.

10. Who became the first King and Queen of Narnia?
    Jadis and Uncle Andrew
    Digory and Polly
    The cabby and his wife
    Aslan and his mate

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Compiled Jun 28 12