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Canine Parvovirus

Created by Jr_Dog_expert

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Canine Parvovirus game quiz
"Canine parvovirus, also simply known as parvo, is a very serious and devastating virus. This quiz emphasizes on some key aspects of the dangerous pathogen."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What organs are primarily infected by canine parvovirus (CPV)?
    Brain and intestine
    Intestine and spleen
    Kidney and bladder
    Intestine and heart

2. Sometimes vaccinations given to puppies against parvo are ineffective. What makes early vaccinations useless for a short period of time?
    Colostrum in the puppy's system.
    Special bacteria that the puppy receives from the mother.
    Mucous layers in the GI track that protects the puppy.
    Puppy's immune system doesn't know how to react to the vaccine.

3. The word 'parvo' comes from which of the following roots?
    Latin word 'parvus' meaning small.
    Latin word 'vivus' meaning living.
    Greek word 'pavo' meaning dangerous.
    Greek word 'varus' meaning virus.

4. By which of the following can CPV be spread?
    All of these
    Your hands

5. The virus ____________ hot, cold, humid, and dry environments.
    is always killed in
    is weakened by
    is resistant to
    thrives in

6. What kind of dogs are at an increased risk of getting infected by CPV?
    All dogs.
    Vaccinated dogs.
    Dogs between the age of 3-7.
    Puppies less than 4 months.

7. CPV infection causes which of the following symptoms?
    Fever, lethargy, vomiting, and severe (sometimes bloody) diarrhea.
    Bloody diarrhea, collapsed trachea, lameness, and hair loss.
    Excessive drooling, lameness, and diarrhea.
    Blood shot eyes, vomiting, kidney failure, and foaming at the mouth.

8. An examination of what is needed to confirm CPV diagnosis?

9. Any CPV strain can infect humans, pigs, and birds.

10. What is unique about CPV-2b (strain FP84)?
    It can also infect some domestic cats.
    Its capsid is completely different from the other CPV strains.
    It is the newest strain of CPV found.
    It infects only cardiac tissue.

11. Which of the following is NOT a treatment for a dog infected with CPV?
    Preventing secondary infections.
    Giving dog IVs to alleviate dehydration.
    Vaccinating the dog.
    Keeping the dog warm.

12. Black and tan breeds such as the Doberman and Rottweiler may be more susceptible to CPV infections.

13. Which of the following would be a good way to prevent a CPV infection?
    Vaccination and good hygiene.
    Looking for symptoms.
    Taking very young puppies to meet other dogs.
    Isolating your dog.

14. Which is a good agent to help disinfect objects that might have CPV?
    Chlorine bleach.
    Nothing can kill CPV.
    Any disinfectant spray.
    Warm water with vinegar.

15. Even if an owner has had his/her dog vaccinated properly, a small percentage of dogs may not develop the protection they need to fight an infection.

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Compiled Feb 13 15