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'Ghostbusters' from Script to Screen

Created by looney_tunes

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Ghostbusters (1984)
Ghostbusters from Script to Screen game quiz
"Come test how much you remember about this now classic film, and perhaps learn something about how different it would have been if the actors had actually followed the script! Based on the 1999 DVD release and the final shooting script."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Near the beginning of the film, the skeptical Peter Venkman quips: "As a friend I have to tell you, you're finally going around the bend on this ghost business." The script gives Ray a line to defend his obsession with the paranormal, but in the film his response is different. What is it?
    "It's a living."
    He says nothing but glares at Venkman in disgust.
    "As president of the New York State chapter of the Flat Earth Society, I would think you were obliged to support this caper."
    "Of course you forget, Peter, I was present at an undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration."

2. Once the Ghostbusters decide to set up their own business, they visit an abandoned firehouse they are considering purchasing. The script calls for Venkman to bargain with the real estate woman, but in the film, Ray pulls off an exuberant arrival and ruins negotiations. How does Ray enter the scene?
    By tobogganing down the stairs on a cardboard box
    By sliding down a fire pole
    By performing a series of back-flips
    On a unicycle

3. Dana Barrett has a terrifying experience in her home and seeks the Ghostbusters' assistance. The scene where she and Venkman return to her apartment to investigate is almost entirely improvised, but the events that Dana reports were in the script. Which of the following was not a reason Dana approached the Ghostbusters for help?
    A carton of eggs spontaneously fried themselves on her kitchen counter.
    She heard a voice from her refrigerator say the word Zuul.
    Her television was blaring when she got home even though she thought she had turned it off.
    She saw an elephant in the sky outside her window.

4. Business remains slow for the Ghostbusters, which is why their receptionist is so excited when a call comes in asking for their services. She takes the details and then cries: "We got one!" This line has become a classic moment from the film but was not in the original script. Where do our heroes go to catch the ghost which has just been reported?
    A grocery store
    The Empire State building
    A fancy hotel
    The Statue of Liberty

5. After the Ghostbusters have caught their first ghost, the script includes a scene where the Ghostbusters parade the newly-caught spook to a crowd of onlookers and reporters. In the film, we jump straight to a montage designed to show us how busy they have suddenly become. How do they cope with the sudden rise in ghost reportings?
    They invest in more efficient equipment.
    They stop answering the phones.
    They take a holiday to unwind.
    They hire a fourth Ghostbuster.

6. Dana's neighbour, the accountant Louis Tully, is having a party for his clients which is rudely interrupted by the arrival of a vicious beast, which chases Louis into the park. A scene featuring Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray dressed as bums was cut from this sequence, but the conclusion is the same in both the script and the film. What happens to Louis?
    We never see what happens to him, but afterwards there is a terrible smell coming from his apartment.
    He escapes and reports the incident to the mayor.
    He is caught by the beast and turned into the Keymaster of Gozer.
    He impales the beast on a metal spike and returns to his party.

7. When Venkman returns to Dana's apartment for the second time, he discovers she has been possessed. In the scene that follows, the actors improvise a great deal. What feat does the possessed Dana perform that gives the actors so much to work with in terms of physical comedy?
    She spends the entire scene walking on her hands.
    She levitates three feet above her bed.
    She lifts the couch above her head and spins it on her finger.
    She picks up Venkman and nurses him like a baby in her arms.

8. Walter Peck can be described as the Ghostbusters' nemesis. He is responsible for having them sent to jail and confronts them in a scene in the Mayor's office where some unscripted arguing provides great entertainment. What agency does Peck represent?
    Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
    Center for Disease Control (CDC)
    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

9. The Ghostbusters confront a menacing female form at a temple on top of Dana's apartment building. She asks Ray if he is a god and almost kills them all when he admits he is not. The script calls for Winston to say: "You should've said 'yes!' [She] might have been willing to negotiate." Which classic Ghostbusters line does he deliver instead?
    "Ray, I respect your honesty."
    "Don't worry Ray, none of us are gods either."
    "Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say, 'YES!'"
    "Spengler, you have a go. She if you can convince her you're a god."

10. The faceoff with the giant marshmallow man near the end of the film was one of the few scenes from Dan Aykroyd's original conceptual treatment that made it to the big screen. Earlier in the film Spengler had warned against doing a particular thing, but they are forced to do this in order to defeat the marshmallow man. What is it?
    Cross the streams from their proton packs
    Walk, talk and chew gum at the same time
    Cry while a ghost is watching
    Lie back and think of England

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