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The Impossible Dream: 1967

Created by mrgrouchy

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Boston Red Sox
The Impossible Dream 1967 game quiz
"The Boston Red Sox shocked the baseball world by rising from a ninth place finish in 1966 to the American League pennant in 1967. Please take this fun quiz to test your knowledge of the "Cardiac Kids". Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who managed the Boston Red Sox to the 1967 American League pennant?
    Billy Herman
    Johnny Pesky
    Dick Williams
    Pete Runnels

2. Carl Yastrzemski won the American League's Triple Crown in 1967. Which slugger tied Yaz's mark of 44 home runs that season?
    Frank Robinson
    Frank Howard
    Al Kaline
    Harmon Killebrew

3. Which pitcher on the 1967 Boston Red Sox led the team in wins?
    Jim Lonborg
    Lee Stange
    Jose Santiago
    Gary Bell

4. On April 14, 1967, rookie Red Sox hurler Billy Rohr nearly pitched a no-hitter at Yankee Stadium. Which Yankees player broke up Rohr's no-hit bid in the ninth inning?
    Mickey Mantle
    Elston Howard
    Horace Clarke
    Bill Robinson

5. Infielder Jerry Adair was an important player on the 1967 Red Sox. Which American League team traded him to the Bosox?
    Baltimore Orioles
    Chicago White Sox
    Kansas City A's
    California Angels

6. Which of these teams was not a contender in the 1967 American League pennant chase?
    Chicago White Sox
    New York Yankees
    Minnesota Twins
    Detroit Tigers

7. On August 18, 1967, star Boston outfielder Tony Conigliaro was seriously injured after getting hit by a wild pitch. Which Angels' pitcher beaned Conigliaro?
    George Brunet
    Clyde Wright
    Minnie Rojas
    Jack Hamilton

8. George Scott was a hard-hitting and smooth-fielding member of the 1967 Boston Red Sox. Which uniform number did he wear?

9. Which pitcher led the 1967 Boston Red Sox with 20 saves?
    John Wyatt
    Darrell Brandon
    Sparky Lyle
    Dan Osinski

10. During the 1967 World Series, two members of the Red Sox had two home run games against the Cardinals. One was Carl Yastrzemski. Who else performed the feat?
    Jose Tartabull
    Reggie Smith
    Rico Petrocelli
    Joe Foy

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