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"SoulCalibur IV" Characters and Stages

Created by KJman456

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SoulCalibur IV Characters and Stages game quiz
"I've decided to make a quiz for "SoulCalibur IV" for the Xbox 360 because I really enjoy that game. This is my first quiz!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This character is a newcomer to the series. She's clad in armor, head-to-toe, and she uses a spear and a small sword to fight. She's also the princess of a kingdom within the game. What is this person's nickname?

2. The next character is sort of an odd one. He fights using what looks like claws on his hands, and he moves around in a unique way. He is very flexible and can curl himself up into a ring. Who is this character?

3. This character is special, since his only appearance so far is in "SoulCalibur IV". He is a highly skilled warrior and will do whatever his master wishes and commands for him to do. He can also use a special ability that allows him to use a sort of 'magic'. Who is this character?
    The Apprentice
    Darth Vader

4. This character is portrayed as the protagonist of the "SoulCalibur" series. He wears armor that is covered with crystals and wields the sword known as Soul Calibur. Who is this character?

5. Throughout the "SoulCalibur" series, there had been numerous bonus characters in the games, the most being in "SoulCalibur III". In this game, there are five of them. One of them is unlike the rest, as she is not actually human. She is a robot assassin to try and hunt down a being who had put a cult on the brink of destruction. Who is this character?
    Angol Fear

6. Now, it's on to the stages. This first stage seems to be in a swamp-like area. It's filled with dodo birds and a hippo can be seen relaxing in the water just off of the fighting grounds. What is the name of this stage?
    Phantom Pavillion
    Distant Marsh
    Sailor's Rest
    Kunpaetku Shrine - Dream Remnants

7. This stage you will always find at the start of Arcade Mode. It is notably used by Kilik and Xianghua. What is this stage's name?
    Ostrheinsburg Castle - Twilight
    Hall Of The Warrior God
    Egyptian Temple, Sacred Flame
    Jyurakudai Villa - Virgin Snow

8. This next stage seems to be a sort of 'default' stage within "SoulCalibur IV". It appears first on the stage selection screen, and whenever you create a character, he/she will always start on this stage. What stage am I talking about?
    Wolfkrone Monument
    Ice Coffin of the Sleeping Ancient
    Thesmophoros Imperial Garden
    Ostrheinsburg Castle Throne Room

9. This next stage is special, as it comes with a character. You must unlock that character in order to get it. What stage am I talking about?
    Tower of Remembrance - Degradation
    Star Destroyer - Laser Gates
    Star Destroyer - Bridge Overhang
    Star Destroyer - Loading Platform

10. This last stage must be played on numerous times if you're playing in story mode with every character. You have to get through this stage to get to the final stage, and there's always a special character waiting for you here. The opening scene for the stage does not feature your character, but just your opponent. What is this stage?
    Tower of Remembrance - Spiral of Time
    Grand Labyrinth - Corridor of Suspended Time
    Tower of Remembrance - Encounter
    Tower of Remembrance - Ancient Gate

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