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An RGB Rainbow

Created by darthrevan89

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An RGB Rainbow game quiz
"Ever seen the acronym RGB on your computer? You may know it stands for Red, Green, and Blue, colors from which a variety of shades can be made. This quiz takes these three hues into various fields of interest: hopefully it'll serve to brighten your day!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Until the mid-19th century, clothiers had to rely on natural sources to obtain different hues for their fabrics. Which of the following natural sources of dye is incorrectly matched with the color it produces?
    The woad plant produced blue dye.
    Red dyes were made from cochineal.
    From the madder plant, a red dye was obtained.
    The murex shellfish was the source of a green dye.

2. What variety of apple, sporting red skin with a hint of green, has lent its name to a type of computer?
    Royal Gala

3. The small Costa Rican town of Monteverde (Spanish for "Green Mountain") is home to which of these tourist attractions?
    Fossil Rim Wildlife Park
    Cloud Forest Preserve
    Machu Picchu

4. The uniforms worn on the television series "Star Trek" and its spinoffs have undergone many alterations in style through the decades. But this remains a constant: if you were to see a Starfleet officer whose uniform displays the color blue, which of the following is most likely to be their profession?
    Chief Medical Officer
    Security Chief

5. In the Biblical account recorded at Genesis 25:29-34, tired and hungry Esau asked his twin brother Jacob for "a swallow of the red," for which he was willing to sell his birthright. What kind of food was Esau asking for?
    Lentil stew
    Tomato soup
    Red meat (beef)
    Stuffed red peppers

6. In this age of recycling & ecological concerns, "green" is often heard in reference to eco-friendliness. Which of these green hobbies was popularized in the early 21st century?
    Fly fishing
    Disc golf

7. The fictional character Norman Osborn (Willem Dafoe), with his "green" alter-ego, takes on the role as villain in which of these films, the first in a trilogy?
    The Matrix
    Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
    Jurassic Park

8. The rose is one of only a few flowers with such diversity in colors, mostly the result of genetic crossbreeding. However, has nature, unassisted, ever produced a blue rose?

9. The leather tags of which blue jean manufacturer depict a pair of horses, attempting (unsuccessfully) to pull apart a pair of pants?
    Levi Strauss & Co.
    Two-Horse Denim

10. For our final RGB question, let's head to the Lone Star State. Which of the following colorful places/objects is not associated with the U.S. state of Texas?
    Red Grapefruit
    Green Bay
    Red River

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Compiled Jun 28 12