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"Star Wars" Drop or Add a Letter

Created by salami_swami

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Star Wars Drop or Add a Letter game quiz
"Like any other drop a letter quiz, this starts with a word, drops or adds a letter to form another word. However, you will make a "Star Wars" character's name in this quiz!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. To begin, you will write the first name of a "Star Wars" character. You will drop or add a letter (I will tell you which) until you come up with the last name of that same "Star Wars" character! For instance, I may start with Boba, and drop and add letters until I get to Fett! Ready? Go!

Who is a smuggler who owes a lot of credits to Jabba? I would like just his first name, please!
    Answer: (3 letters)

2. Drop a letter.

To Chewbacca, a Genosian is ___ alien.
    Answer: (2 letters)

3. Drop a letter!

What is the first letter of the Gungan leader's last name?
    Answer: (1 letter)

4. Add a letter!

When a lightsaber is shining, it is ___
    Answer: (2 letters)

5. Add a letter!

How many rancors appear in the original trilogy of "Star Wars?"
    Answer: (3 letters)

6. Add a letter!

Watto, perhaps, has the longest one, and Nute Gunray doesn't have one.
    Answer: (4 letters)

7. Add a letter!

Leia Organa killed Jabba the Hutt by making a chain version of this.
    Answer: (5 letters)

8. Add a letter!

Once Jabba died, Leia could do this to the chain.
    Answer: (6 letters)

9. Drop a letter!

Not all Gungans are as clumsy as Jar Jar, but some are just as stupid. Therefore, a collection of these Gungans would be called a what, also a group of birds?
    Answer: (5 letters)

10. Drop a letter!

This is the last name of the smuggler from question 1, which can also be a single singer.
    Answer: (4 letters)

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Compiled Jun 28 12