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Scottish Football Minutiae [2]

Created by jimpimslim1

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Scottish Football Minutiae  2 game quiz
"Once again, Scottish football has been foraged to drag up some more long forgotten names, games and events. If you are in the mood for some deep nostalgic thinking, press on and try your luck."

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1. Who was the first British footballer to win the European Cup with a continental club?
    Joe Jordan
    Denis Law
    Paul Lambert
    Graeme Souness

2. Name the player who lined up against Gordon Banks at Wembley, three times during 1963 while representing three different teams?
    Dave MacKay
    Ian St. John
    Jim Baxter
    Denis Law

3. Name the two Old Firm goalkeepers who have faced each other in an International match, that did not involve the Scottish National team?
    Artur Boruc: Poland / Lionel Charbonnier: France
    Frank Haffie: Australia / Gerry Nief: West Germany
    Chris Woods: England / Packie Bonner: Republic of Ireland
    Peter Latchford: England / Bonni Ginzburg: Israel

4. Name the 2 goalkeepers who opposed each other in both English and Scottish League Cups in the same season, and amazingly both games ended 7-1 with one of the keepers being on the wrong side on both occasions?
    Chris Woods: Rangers & Norwich / Ian Andrews: Celtic & Southampton
    Ronald Waterreus: Rangers & Manchester City / Nick Colgan: Dundee United & Barnsley
    Andy Goram: Oldham & Rangers / Carl Muggleton: Celtic & Leicester City
    Jonathan Gould: Celtic & West Bromwich Albion / Ally Maxwell: Rangers & Bolton Wanderers

5. Which player has appeared in 3 losing Scottish Cup finals while representing three different clubs in three different decades?
    Darren Jackson
    Steven Pressley
    Billy Dodds
    Mixu Paatelainen

6. Which team playing at Volunteer Park was expelled from the Scottish League in 1932?
    St. Bernards
    Armadale Thistle
    Leith Athletic
    Glenbuck Cherrypickers

7. Who was the first scoring substitute in a Scottish FA Cup final?
    Jim O'Rourke
    Dixie Deans
    Derek Johnstone
    Paul Sturrock

8. Who was the first player to captain a Scottish FA Cup winning team, and later in his career captained an English FA Cup winning team?
    Martin Buchan
    Billy Bremner
    Bobby Kerr
    Frank McLintock

9. Which Scottish Club was the first to play in a UEFA Cup Final?
    Dundee United

10. Viv Anderson was the first black player to play for England in 1978. Who was the first black player to be capped by Scotland?
    Jermaine McSporran
    Jason Scotland
    Kevin Harper
    Andrew Watson

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