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Sick MLB: Pt. 2

Created by Wydady

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Sick MLB Pt 2 game quiz
"Death and dying, the macabre and gruesome ways some MLB players went to meet their maker."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who took their life in-season in 1940?
    Cannonball Crane
    Pea Ridge Day
    Chick Stahl
    Willard Hershberger

2. What former Yankee manager died in a drunk driving incident?
    Casey Stengel
    Miller Huggins
    Joe McCarthy
    Billy Martin

3. What MLB executive committed suicide in his office in 1909?
    Ban Johnson
    Barney Dreyfuss
    John T. Brush
    Harry Pulliam

4. What Hall of Famer choked to death in 1967 at the age of 59?
    Lefty Grove
    King Kelly
    George Wright
    Jimmie Foxx

5. Which of the following was not involved in a murder-suicide attempt?
    Terry Larkin
    Eddie Waitkus
    Marty Bergen
    Donnie Moore

6. Who was the first player to die from being hit by a pitch in a Major League game?
    Tony Conigliaro
    Dickie Thon
    Mickey Cochrane
    Ray Chapman

7. What Brooklyn Dodger died after being beaten with a fire extinguisher aboard an airplane?
    Irv Medlinger
    Ken Hubbs
    Len Koenecke
    Jim Hardin

8. Who died from internal injuries suffered from crashing into a wall while chasing a foul pop-up during a game?
    Doc Powers
    Rodney McCray
    Pete Reiser
    Ray Chapman

9. What two Cleveland Indian relief pitchers were killed in a 1993 boating accident?
    Bob Ojeda/Cliff Young
    John Bottarini/Tom Gastall
    Arky Vaughn/Roberto Clemente
    Steve Olin/Tim Crews

10. What promising Angel was murdered in a case of mistaken identity in 1978?
    Chico Ruiz
    Lyman Bostock
    Dick Wantz
    Mike Miley

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