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Limerick - The Treaty County

Created by SionnachIrl

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Limerick  The Treaty County game quiz
"How much do you know about Ireland's County Limerick?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What river flows through Limerick City?
    River Shannon
    River Barrow
    River Liffey
    River Suir

2. Limerick City was besieged several times in its history. When and by whom was it first besieged?
    Irish Confederate Catholics in 1642
    Cromwellian in 1650
    United Irishmen in 1798
    Irish Free State in 1922

3. What is the highest mountain in County Limerick?
    Ballyhoura Mountain
    Galtymore Mountain
    Caherconree Mountain
    Mullaghareirk Mountain

4. A well-known chalice was discovered in County Limerick in 1868. What is the name of the chalice?
    Askeaton Chalice
    Adare Chalice
    Ardagh Chalice
    Athea Chalice

5. Ireland's tallest cathedral spire is in Limerick City. Do you know which cathedral it is?
    St. Mary's Cathedral
    St. Andrew's Cathedral
    St. Peter's Cathedral
    St. John's Cathedral

6. What village in County Limerick is the site of a fifth century monastery and round tower site?

7. Do you know what is the second largest town in County Limerick?
    Newcastle West

8. King John's Castle is situated on the banks of the Shannon. What is the name of the place?
    King's Island
    Pelican Square
    Devon's Road
    O'Connell Street

9. Which United States President's ancestors came from County Limerick?
    Ronald Regan
    John F. Kennedy
    Barack Obama
    Richard Nixon

10. What is the Irish name for County Limerick?

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