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ReBoot 2.4: "Bad Bob"

Created by Bruce007

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : ReBoot - Season 2
ReBoot 24 Bad Bob game quiz
"Megabyte's newest plan is to once again steal energy from the core. The energy ends up being a fixture in a game. Will the energy cause a game overload, or will it destroy the entirety of Mainframe? Reboot!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. As the episode began, a battle between the virals and the CPUs began. Whilst the battle raged on, Bob was on his way to Dot's in his car. The car fell from the air and a female binome asked Bob if a certain car part was acting up in his car. What was the part of Bob's car that was acting up?
    The Speedometer
    The Interociter
    The Clutch
    The Air Intake System

2. After learning about the damaged part in his car, Bob noticed Enzo driving a vehicle. Enzo landed it and then told Bob that he designed it after an XMP-48. Enzo then told Bob the slogan for the vehicle: "In an XMP-48, you think you're there and _____
_____!" What were the two missing words from the slogan?
    You aren't
    What happens
    Guess what
    You're there

3. Back at the Principal Office, the battle continued. Megabyte wanted to steal core energy, so he decided to launch a major offensive. He gathered all of the energy into a special container. Bob showed up, however, to battle the virals. As a game began to land, someone knocked Megabyte right into the open container full of core energy. Who knocked Megabyte in?
    Hack and Slash

4. The game that landed on top of the Principal Office turned out to bare a lot of similarities to a certain post-apocalyptic film starring a famous Australian actor. What film was the game in this episode based off of?
    Answer: (Two Words (The first in the film series))

5. Whilst inside the game, Phong informed Bob of the predicament they were in. Apparently, they would not be allowed to win the game or lose the game. Why?
    The corruption in the game would likely delete them all.
    Phong would need the time to analyze the situation further.
    No real reason, it was a precautionary decision.
    Mainframe's energy would leave with the game.

6. After Enzo narrowly escape the attack of the user's vehicle, he pulled into first place, ahead of the truck with Mainframe's energy. Enzo looked at the truck and saw that something was very wrong with it's appearance. What did the truck look like?
    The Principal Office

7. Outside of the game, Dot asked for an update from one of the CPU commanders. His name was Number One, and he seemed to be a direct spoof of which famous Hollywood actor made famous for playing James Bond?
    Robert De Niro
    Sean Connery
    Al Pacino
    Leslie Nielsen

8. After Bob took control of the truck containing Mainframe's energy, he turned back towards the Principal Office. On the way, the narrow road was blocked by an incoming vehicle piloted by one of Mainframe's finest pilots. Neither truck could move out of each other's way. What ended up happening?
    Bob and the binome collided, releasing the core's energy throughout the game.
    Bob ended up driving the truck right through the friendly binome's vehicle.
    Bob managed to somehow dodge by the friendly vehicle.
    Bob used Glitch to vault his truck over the friendly vehicle.

9. Close to the Principal Office, the truck Bob was piloting was under attack from the user. The user had shot out some of the truck's tires. With only one more tire needed to be destroyed for the user to win the game, Enzo thought of a plan to give Bob the time to win. What was the plan?
    Phong's helicopter would lift the user's car and keep it in the air.
    Frisket would hold onto the user's vehicle.
    Enzo could toss some rocks at the user from Phong's helicopter.
    Enzo could snipe out the user's own tires and slow him down.

10. Dot was glad that Enzo went into the game with Bob. She was also very happy that Bob ended up winning the game and saving everyone.

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