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Lucky Number 7

Created by Galaxyfan

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : "24" - Season 7
Lucky Number 7 game quiz
"Despite the low ratings from day six and the 2008 writers strike, day seven of "24" made quite a comeback. How much of seven do you remember?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Seasons one through six took place in Los Angeles, while season seven took place in which city?
    Washington, D.C.
    San Francisco
    New York City

2. Which character was "raised from the dead?"
    Answer: (First, last, or full name)

3. Season seven also introduced the first female president, Allison Taylor. What are the names of her children?
    Keith and Nicole
    Henry and Allison
    Olivia and Roger
    Janis and Larry

4. The first villain to stir up trouble in day seven was Colonel Ike Dubaku. He was from what African country?
    Sierra Leone

5. After the death of Dubaku, General Benjamin Juma moved in to attack the White House and capture the President. Of the following, who was NOT in the White House at the time of the attack?
    Jack Bauer
    Aaron Pierce
    Bill Buchanan
    Tony Almeida

6. During the siege on the White House, one character died by setting off an explosion that allowed Jack and Aaron Pierce to save the President. Name him.
    Answer: (First, last, or Full name)

7. Although Benjamin Juma seemed to be the villain behind the day's attack, it soon became apparent that he was working with Jonas Hodges. Jonas was portrayed by whom?
    Colm Feore
    Jeffrey Nordling
    Rhys Coiro
    Jon Voight

8. Season seven also had two moles within the F.B.I. One of them was an analyst named Erika. Who was the other?

9. "As someone as close to a friend as you are ever going to get, let me give you some advice. Most people don't like sarcasm. I, myself, have no problem with it, because I'm cheerful; I'm a cheerful person." Which F.B.I. agent said this?
    Larry Moss
    Janis Gold
    Renee Walker
    Sean Hillinger

10. Morris O'Brian and Karen Hayes both made appearances in season seven.

11. In day six, Jack was led to believe that his brother, Graem, was behind the deaths of David Palmer and Michelle Dessler. Who was actually the mastermind of the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy?
    Answer: (First, Last, or Full name)

12. After Jack was exposed to the bio-weapon, who did Renee call?
    Audrey Raines
    Chloe O'Brian
    James Heller
    Kim Bauer

13. After President Taylor granted Hodges immunity, Olivia grew angry and arranged for his assassination. When she pulled out and the attack was carried out anyway, Aaron Pierce suspected her guilt and asked whom to help him bring her down?
    Ethan Kanin
    Bill Buchanan
    Jack Bauer
    Henry Taylor

14. Which of the following characters was not arrested by the end of day seven?
    Renee Walker
    Sean Hillinger
    Olivia Taylor
    Tony Almeida

15. Jack Bauer died at the end of day seven.

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