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In Other Words, Dumb

Created by Wizzid

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In Other Words Dumb game quiz
"This quiz features some of the more common and amusing expressions that are used to imply dim-wittedness. If you're "not all there", you should be here."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. If someone rolls their eyes at you and uses the expression, "the lights are on, but nobody's home", they could have implied much the same thing by saying that you are what?
    About to kick the bucket
    Not the sharpest tool in the shed
    Robbing Peter to pay Paul
    Wasting electricity

2. Which of the following phrases is often used to imply dim-wittedness?
    The rat has fallen off its twig
    The wheel's spinning, but the hamster's dead
    The trap works but the mouse has gone to Disneyland
    The lemming has lost its compass

3. When Australians demonstrate stupidity, silliness, or madness, they are sometimes said to have a few what?
    Kangaroos loose in the top paddock
    Platypuses pulling the puppet
    Wombats wandering in the attic
    Koalas out of the gum tree

4. You've just insisted that Hannibal Lecter was an ancient military leader from Carthage, and somebody responds by saying that you must be "a sandwich short of a picnic". What other expression is sometimes used to imply the same thing?
    Bitten off more than you can chew
    Not playing with a full deck of cards
    Going back to the sandwich shop
    Scraping the bottom of the hamper

5. You've just handed a drill to a builder - while it was running, and pointy end first. The builder now informs you that you're "as thick as a brick". If you worked in a laboratory and stored acid in a scientist's coffee mug, what similar expression might be used to describe you?
    You're as charming as an atom bomb
    You're so dense that light bends around you
    You're as solid as hot air
    You're as clever as Einstein

6. A member of the opposite sex is extremely well-disposed towards you - that is, until you open your mouth, at which point they sigh and say, "body by God, mind by Mattel". What are they implying?
    You're an absolute doll
    You're very attractive but not very intelligent
    You're incredibly smart but not terribly good-looking

7. How should you complete this old expression which implies doltishness? "If brains were dynamite ..."
    You wouldn't have enough to blow your nose
    You'd win a Nobel prize
    You'd be a blast
    You must be sky high

8. You were fairly sure of your whereabouts, but now you have some doubts, because someone has just insulted your intelligence by using what common expression?
    You're all over the place
    You're here, there, and everywhere
    You're on a train and going to Moscow
    You're not all there

9. What is someone implying when they say that you'd "take an hour and a half to watch '60 Minutes'"?
    You're watching the wrong channel
    For some reason, '60 Minutes' takes longer on your television
    You're not very bright
    The programmers have got it wrong yet again

10. You're not sure, but you think you've just been insulted. Somebody told you that "you're not firing on all thrusters". What did they mean?
    Your brain is not working very efficiently
    You need to dismiss more employees
    That rocket of yours has broken down again
    You have constipation

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Compiled Jun 28 12