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BBC "Gardeners' World"

Created by Jennifer5

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BBC Gardeners World game quiz
"The UK television programme "Gardeners' World" was first shown on the BBC in 1968. This is a quiz on the programme and its presenters and assistant presenters over the years. I hope you enjoy it!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 1968 the BBC aired "Gardeners' World" for the first time, with the presenter Ken Burras. Which famous British garden location was chosen as the setting?
    Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
    Hampton Court Gardens
    Scotney Castle Gardens, Kent
    University of Oxford Botanic Garden

2. Percy Thrower was the next presenter, who was with the show from 1969-1976. He also started the custom of the programme being shown from the lead presenter's own garden. What was the name of his garden?
    The Magnolias, Shrewsbury
    The Finches, Weybridge
    Treetops, Exeter
    The Larches, Kidderminster

3. The next presenter had his garden at Clack's Farm, Worcestershire, from 1976-1979. What was his name?
    Arthur Billitt
    Eamonn Porter
    David Jones
    Graham Wilde

4. Geoff Hamilton took over from Arthur Billitt and presented the show for seventeen years from 1979-1996 from his garden near Rutland Water, in Rutland. What was the name of his garden?

5. The assistant presenter Rachel de Thame started her gardening career after a successful former career in which field?
    Flight attendant
    Celebrity chef

6. Alan Titchmarsh presented the programme from 1996-2002 following the sudden death of Geoff Hamilton, from his Hampshire garden named Barleywood. He has written several gardening books and has also had many novels published. He wrote, among others, all the following books; however, which was his FIRST novel?
    'The Last Lighthouse Keeper'
    'Only Dad'
    'Mr MacGregor'

7. Monty Don presented "Gardeners' World" from Stratford Upon Avon from 2003, until he had to retire from the show due to health reasons in 2008. What was the name of his garden?
    Morgan's Farm
    The Lilacs
    The Heights

8. Bob Flowerdew has been an assistant presenter on "Gardeners' World", as well as a leading panellist on BBC Radio 4's "Gardeners' Question Time". Although he is hugely experienced in all types of gardening, in which field is he particularly famous as one of Britain's leading experts?
    Rose growing
    Tree surgery
    Patio laying
    Organic gardening

9. Toby Buckland took over as lead presenter of "Gardeners' World" in 2008, presenting the show from Greenacre in Egbaston, Birmingham. Greenacre was a garden constructed specifically for the programme rather than an existing garden; what was its previous use?
    Disused allotment site
    Car park
    Playing field
    Mini golf course

10. Which assistant presenter of "Gardeners' World" is the son of the well-known actor Clive Swift, who played Richard Bucket (Bouquet) in the comedy "Keeping Up Appearances"?
    Jason Swift
    Jack Swift
    Joe Swift
    James Swift

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