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White House Kids: Bush Girls

Created by Godwit

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White House Kids Bush Girls game quiz
"In U.S. Presidential history, there have been few children in the White House. The interesting daughters of George W. and Laura Bush gave us plenty to talk about."

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1. George W. and Laura Bush came into the White House in 2001, by the narrowest margin in over a century. They brought with them two grown daughters, named this.
    Jenna and Barbara
    Karen and Cindy
    Laura and Jenna
    Tricia and Amy

2. There's something about these White House children that had never happened with a seated White House president before.
    They were born in the White House
    They are adopted
    They are twins
    They are the president's step children

3. In their first year as presidential daughters, news went around the world when both of them were arrested, each on two different occasions, while attending the University of Texas. Why were they arrested?
    Careless driving
    Sassing the president
    Drinking alcohol and using fake identifcation

4. During their White House years, both daughters did something else unusual that made them visible across the planet. Most people would say this was a positive event. What was that?
    Joined a reality TV show
    Competed in a beauty contest
    Ran for political office
    A "Vogue" magazine photo shoot

5. Jenna Bush made the world news again when she was photographed doing this to a group of reporters.
    The moon
    Stuck out her tongue
    Leaked information
    Hit them with a protest sign

6. Now graduated, and at age 22 years, and seasoned speakers, the White House children settled down and found their way. Barbara studied at Yale. Jenna went to Paraguay and a number of other countries, where she did what?
    Joined a commune
    Attended Mardi Gras
    Climbed mountains
    UNICEF volunteer

7. May 10th, 2008, Jenna married Henry Chase Hager. They had the reception at the White House, but they married where?
    Bush family estate in Connecticut
    Camp David
    The Bush ranch in Texas
    Disney World

8. In 1914, Eleanor Wilson married at the White House. In 1967, Lynda Johnson married in the East Room. What was put forth as a likely reason Jenna did not marry at the White House?
    Her brothers lived in Texas
    Her father's strict privacy rules
    No barbecued ribs in Washington
    The Texas ranch had solar panels

9. Although initially Jenna asked her father not to run for office at all, she and Barbara both did what while he was at the White House?
    Asked their mother to run
    Campaigned for his re-election
    Joined the military
    Gave testimony to the Senate

10. Barbara worked at the National Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., and then moved into work with this type of health care patient.
    Patients with speech impediments
    Children with alcoholism
    Those with AIDS

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