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Like I've Never Been Gone

Created by doublemm

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : The 2000s
Like Ive Never Been Gone game quiz
"To mark the end of what have come to be known as "the noughties", this quiz looks at the people, programmes and themes which have made a triumphant return during the decade."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Although becoming rapidly unpopular in the 1990s, the talent show genre made a striking comeback following the turn of the millennium. With songs such as "Love Machine", "Call the Shots" and "Sound of the Underground", which of these acts is amongst the elite group of talent show winners which have gone onto successful musical careers?
    Girls Aloud
    Steve Brookstein
    One True Voice

2. Born from comic strips in the 1960s, superhero films made a triumphant return at the start of the 21st century. This is seen not only in the amount they earned, but in the many sequels which followed. Which 21st century superhero film produced sequels called "X2" and "The Last Stand"?
    "The Fantastic Four"

3. Some people wait decades before making their glorious comeback, but others simply cannot wait. Which female tennis player returned to the court after only two years of retirement, and became the first unseeded player to win the women's singles title at the US Open?
    Maria Sharapova
    Venus Williams
    Kim Clijsters
    Justine Henin

4. If this next character could talk (which it actually can!), it would say "it's like I've never been gone". This is because, in 2008, it returned to the television for a new series as well as starring in a film the same year. He originally featured in a TV series in the 80s alongside David Hasselhoff. What is this iconic character's name?

5. Breaking up in 1996 and breaking the hearts of many teenage girls in the process, which British "man-band" made an exceptionally successful comeback in 2005 with such songs as "Patience" and "Rule the World"?
    Take That
    S Club 7

6. After his career "flatlined" in the 90s, this actor returned to the success he had in the 80s when he gained the part of Jack Bauer in the TV series, "24". What is this actor's name?
    Ewan McGregor
    Matthew Fox
    Robert Downey Jr.
    Kiefer Sutherland

7. The classic sci-fi series, "Doctor Who", thrilled audiences from 1963 until its cancelation in 1989. After unsuccessful attempts to revive the show in the 90s, in which year did "Doctor Who" reappear on British TV screens, reclaiming its place at the top of the ratings charts?
    Answer: (Four digit number)

8. Johnny Cash's comeback has been described as "incomparable". This is not just in terms of musical success, but in the circumstances in which Cash returned, as he was on his deathbed. Which film was released in 2005 to pay tribute to the "Man in Black"?
    "Ring of Fire"
    "Walk the Line"
    "One Piece at a Time"

9. In 2009, Lance Armstrong made his return to competitive cycling in an attempt to raise global awareness of cancer - a disease which he had previously suffered from. This return was highly anticipated due to Armstrong's record achievements prior to retiring. His success at the Tour de France in particular led him to being given what nickname?
    Mellow Johnny
    Tipsy Terry
    Crazy Andy
    Cracking Pete

10. Throughout the second half of the 20th century, there have been hundreds of vampire-themed films, but their success has been limited to that of a cult film, rather than the global success enjoyed by the 1931 film, "Dracula". Aside from the obvious example of "Twilight", the "Blade" trilogy has been at the forefront of re-popularising the vampire genre in the noughties. Which actor played the title character in all three "Blade" films?
    Wesley Snipes
    Samuel L Jackson
    Denzel Washington
    Will Smith

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Compiled Jun 28 12