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Love, Famously

Created by adams627

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Love Famously game quiz
"Here are some love letters written from various Famous Lees, Leighs, Lis, or other variants on the name. See if you can identify the writer of the letter based on some subtle hints and a short clue!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Dear Clark,
I realize the irony of our situation, but my love for you is simply unsurpassed. Frankly, my dear, I can't sleep for thinking about you, and I just KNOW you feel the same way. Please don't spurn me like you do on film, because my life without you would be just meaningless, not just another day! I know I'm not beautiful, but I love you Clark!

Which British actress who also starred in "A Streetcar Named Desire"?
    Vivien Leigh
    Leah Johnson
    Leigh Branson
    Dorothy Lee

2. Dear Wife,
I realize that we hardly see each other any more, but I am hard at work to solve this computer problem, and once it is finished, outright communication between us could happen at hyperspeed, from anywhere around the world. I care for you dearly, but I would ask that you refrain from trying to change my habits: I refuse to accept defeat with this problem until a truly world wide network has been established. Also, leave my dinner in the refrigerator, because I might not be done by six.

Which British computer scientist, whose most famous invention was proposed in 1989 as a way to link files that contained media like text, graphics, and audio?
    Lee Howard Johnson
    Jackson Lee
    Tim Berners-Lee
    Lee Bosworth

3. Dear Truman,
My love for you began the day we met and has increased ever since. Remember the days when we were young, when you used to come down and stay in Alabama with us, how we used to call you "Pickle"? Now we are grown up, and you a famous writer, and I love you all the same. Oh, I wish I could write as well as you! The only book I've started isn't close to done and centers around Trooper Cardinal (might have to change that name, hmmm).

Which famous American author of a novel that takes place in Maycomb County and centers around Scout, Jem, and Atticus Finch?
    Jackie Lee Smith
    Lea Bronsted
    Harper Lee
    Lee Matherson

4. Dear Joan,
What a marvel you are! I'm no daredevil, but your allure is simply irresistible. Had I the strength of a hulking giant, I couldn't resist the attraction that you create. You have caught me in your web, I am forever yours. We will be fantastic for each other.

Which American comic book author?
    Lee Everett
    Lee Schwartz
    Kirby Lee
    Stan Lee

5. Dear Lao Ma,
I feel that a relationship between us no longer is only possible: it is inevitable. The way to our happiness lies in taking the path that nature has laid for us to follow, and that clearly exists only in the love between us. Have compassion, moderation, and humility, and we will surely be happy!

Li Er, a man also known by which name, which is similar to the belief system he created in China at least two thousand years ago?
    Lao Tsu
    Shang Yang
    Han Fei

6. Dear Tonya,
Are forty acres and a mule enough for you to understand that I love you? Do the right thing, get on the bus, and marry me already! You know what they say about me: "He got game". I can provide for us together, but you must accept my proposal, or I simply could never direct again!

Which controversial American film producer and actor?
    Willie Lee
    Spike Lee
    Lee Washington
    Lee Gooden

7. Dear Xu Yushi's daughter,

My love for you exceeds the grandeur
Of the stars which live above the realm of man
I drink to your beauty, may it never fade away
Like the bright orb in the blackest of nights
Oh, that I could feel it too!
Were I but tall enough, or with passion
To reach the moon, and with it you!
I should die trying to reach it.

Which famous Tang dynasty Chinese poet?
    Chong Li
    Xiao Li
    Li Bai
    Li Shin

8. Dear Mary,
I'll be home soon, I promise. Last week, we beat those blue dogs at Manassas, and the future is looking very bright. Once we get into Maryland and really start winning, this war'll be over in no time. I think about you each and every day, and I wish I could be at home with you, Eleanor, and Milly. Keep a positive attitude, and this engagement will be over soon.

Which American Civil War commander?
    George Washington Custis Lee
    Robert Edward Lee
    William Henry Fitzhugh Lee
    Ambrose Powell Lee

9. Dear Marina,
I've done a very bad thing. Please forgive me. When I was a Marine, I worked as a representative of the United States military, but I learned in Russia that Marxism rules supreme and the United States is dead wrong. Then, when those Americans invaded Cuba, I'd had enough of their leadership, and took action into my own hands. Now, I can only look back on my actions in guilt; it was an overreaction. I hadn't meant to hurt that police officer or the Texas governor. After I finish this letter, they're taking me to the county jail and putting me in front of TV cameras. I hope I survive the shame. Please, remember me!

Which infamous assassin, who was shot by Jack Ruby on live TV?
    Michael Lee Paine
    Lee Ekdahl
    Lee Harvey Oswald
    George Lee de Mohrenschildt

10. Dear Daughter,
Now that you have grown up and married, I wish to give you a couple pieces of advice that I have learned through my own successful acting career.
1. Do not touch evil.
2. Live it up!
3. Sequels are never as good as the original.
4. Horror movies are the way to go!
5. And of course, always lock the door before you take a shower.


To which pair of American mother/daughter actresses, both of whom have a variant of "Lee" in their names, would this letter pertain?
    Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis
    Lee Johnson and Margaret Lee Stone
    Helen Lea and Leigh Branton
    Lea Martinez and Jacqueline Lee Benton

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