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"NCIS" Episode: "Probie"

Created by TRNchick

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NCIS Episode Probie game quiz
"Remember this one? McGee's seems to be up a particular creek without a paddle after killing an undercover cop. Remember the details?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. At the very beginning of the episode, what was the topic of the conversation that Ziva and Tony were having?
    past sexual partners
    Gibbs' haircut
    sperm donation
    McGee's knowledge of on-line gaming

2. Why does McGee feel so troubled about the death of the man that was standing by the SUV?
    the team could not find the bullet that the dead man fired at McGee
    only one of his shots was accurate
    this was the first person McGee has killed
    he saw Ducky performing the autopsy

3. Before going into the director's office, Gibbs whispers something in Ziva's ear. He tells her that McGee is not like her father, Eli David, and not like Ari. In what way does Gibbs say McGee is different?
    He's not as good of a marksman
    He doesn't burn his bridges
    He's not a killer
    He doesn't know how to lie

4. Abby identifies the dead man using his fingerprints. The team learns that the man was an undercover cop. Which organization did the man work for?
    Virginia State Police
    Metro Police
    NCIS (Chicago)

5. Gibbs sends Tony and Ziva to, again, try to find the bullet that the dead cop supposedly fired at McGee. During the process, Tony seems to get aggravated with Ziva. Why is he upset with her?
    Ziva thinks that there is no bullet to find because McGee simply overreacted
    Tony thinks Gibbs likes Ziva better
    Ziva drove (enough said)
    Ziva's still acting snippy about the comment Gibbs made about her father and brother

6. What does Abby do to force McGee to remain in her "therapy session"?
    She threatens to "punish" him if he moves
    She makes a rope out of duct tape and ties him to the chair
    She superglues his feet to the floor
    She handcuffs him to the chair

7. When Tony comes by McGee's apartment, what does he want to go do to make McGee feel better?
    take him to a basketball game
    take him to see a movie
    take him out to a night club
    take him out for ice cream

8. What time did Ziva say she got up to come into work?

9. While on the phone with the sperm bank, how does DiNozzo spell his name for the woman on the phone?
    in Italian
    Big D, little I, Big N, little ozzo

10. At the very end of the episode, what was McGee's main concern when he was speaking to Abby?
    determining if Gibbs was still mad at him for hesitating to shot when they went after the bad guy
    determining who fired the shot that killed the cop
    he was wondering about how the dead cop's family was feeling
    he was wondering if the team would still trust him as a partner

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Compiled Jun 28 12