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Did You Know that "Everything Is Illuminated"

Created by TemptressToo

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Did You Know that Everything Is Illuminated game quiz
"Any fan of beautiful filmography will love "Everything Is Illuminated." The movie has it all, a great story line, brilliant acting, humor and drama."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. As the movie begins we meet Jonathan Foer, the collector of things to remember. The movie pans over a wall of countless objects in plastic bags that meant something to someone. Having just lost his Grandmother, Jonathan decides to find his family's roots in Europe. As he begins his journey, he removes two objects from his collection to help along the way. One is a photograph and the other is a ______________________?
    large gemstone set in gold
    cameo brooch
    grasshopper in amber pendant
    watch on a chain

2. It is a long journey to begin Jonathan's "very rigid search" for the secrets of his family's past. Jonathan's search begins in the country of _____________ with the help of a guide service.

3. Jonathan's interpreter and guides from Heritage Tours are Alex Perchov the younger and his grandfather, Alex Perchov. In line with the film and for the duration of this quiz, we will call the younger "Alex" and the elder "Grandfather."

Alex is fascinated with American culture and states that his absolute favorite musical artist is who?
    M.C. Hammer
    James Brown
    Sammy Davis, Jr.
    Michael Jackson

4. Grandfather has self-diagnosed himself as having what physical ailment?
    he's blind
    he has chronic heart burn
    he's deaf
    he can't walk

5. Alex and Grandfather have a companion of the canine variety, a spunky Border Collie bitch affectionately named after what American singer/musician?
    Michael Jackson
    Sammy Davis Jr.
    Etta James
    Tina Turner

6. In the film, Alex meets Jonathan at the train depot, attempting to welcome him with flair. He brings along a local band busking in the train station to play a welcome song. What song do they play?
    Star Spangled Banner
    God Bless the USA
    America the Beautiful
    My Country Tis of Thee

7. Jonathan explains that he is a vegetarian. This baffles Alex and his Grandfather as they ask, "what is wrong with you?" Then they proceed through a list of things Jonathan says he does NOT eat. Which is NOT one of them?

8. During the journey to find his family heritage, Jonathan passes out an American product as a gesture of thanks for help given. What product did his travel guide suggest that he give?
    Marlboro cigarettes
    Coca Cola
    Wrigley chewing gum
    Hershey choclate bars

9. During one scene, the group stops in front of a field of flowers with a house at its center. What sort of flowers can be seen as far as you can see?

10. I'm not going to ruin this movie for everyone and tell you how it ends. We can say that Jonathan finds what he is searching for and collects some items to remember along the way. One of his collections was a bag of dirt from a riverbank full of memories and meaning . He returns to the U.S. with all of his items, but what does he do with the dirt?
    adds it to a flower pot of sunflowers
    pours it on his grandfather's grave
    adds it to his wall of objects in plastic bags
    pours it into the river

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Compiled Jun 28 12